About The Artist

"Confidence gives beauty its POWER!"

           Welcome to my beauty blog! Here you can find information on hair, makeup, and lifestyle choices... even some fashion tips! Kind of like an interactive magazine dedicated to give you honest reviews on the hottest new products, and let you in on our beauty secrets from behind the stylist chair! My name is Alexsis, and I am a professional hair stylist and makeup artist. I grew up in Southern California in the midst of beauty central, creating my passion for glamorous hair styles and red carpet makeup.

           I am a firm believer that being beautiful is a reflection that comes from the inside out, and that every single woman is made with amazing unique features. All around us are media impressions of what beauty is, and to me beauty is the person sitting in my chair because everyone has something inspiring about them. Whether you have flawless skin, long eyelashes, flirty freckles, luscious lips, the list goes on and on! My goal is that you learn how amazing you are and how to best accentuate and CELEBRATE those qualities rather than hate or hide them.

I love my husband, animals, turquoise, & Disney movies. I think I'm really a mermaid. I'm a morning person. Admitted shopaholic. Have an extensive bathing suit collection. Love to read murder suspense books. Watermelon is my favorite flavor and Mexican is my favorite food. My best friend lives all the way in Atlanta GA...while I'm in California. I enjoy camping and surfing. Katy Perry inspires me. I was homeschooled. I'm a good shot. I am a child of God.

Where do you live? Im based in Southern California.
Are you married? Yes, I married my amazing husband Shane Oct. 29th, 2010! 
How tall are you? I am 5.5''
When is your birthday? September 25th, I'm 23!
Do you have kids? Not technically, but we are EXPECTING! I am due in early August and can't wait to welcome baby Scaletti into our lives!
Do you have pets? Yes, I'm an aminal lover. We have a rottweiler named Bella who is 4, and a chihuahua named Halo who is 1.
What do you do outside of blogging?
I'm a professional hair stylist and work at a salon in Newport Beach, CA. You can email me at alexsis.scaletti@salon359.com to book an appointment!
What colors are currently in your hair? 
I have a "sombre" of pushed out ashy roots at a level 6-7, with ashy blonde minimal highlights. I tone with a ash toner.
Do you wear extensions? I only wear them in some hairstyles. I have pretty thick hair myself, but when a style needs more volume I add in my Luxury for Princess extensions. 
What foundation do you use? Here you can find my foundation tutorial. I love the Revlon Color Stay whipped and liquid foundation, as well as the EX1 foundation in the shade F200.
What is your skin type? I have combination oily skin. I'm working on my skin care right now and you can check it out on my youtube HERE
What are your favorite Lipsticks? 
Red- MAC Ruby Woo | Deep Red- Frankie Rose Merlot | Orange Red- MAC So Chaud | Orange- Frankie Rose Citrus | Bright Pink- MAC Candy Yum Yum | Pink- LimeCrime Pink Velvet |  Purple Pink- Flat Out Fabulous | Purple- LimeCrime Airborne Unicorn & Milani Violet Addict | Nude- MAC Cream Cup, MAC Mehr, NYX Butter Gloss Tiramisu, Gerard Cosmetics Nude 
What camera do you use to record and take pictures? I use both my Nikon Cool Pix and Nikon D5500 SLR with a 18-55mm lens. I mainly use my D5500.
Who takes your pictures? It depends on where I am, mostly myself, my mom, or husband. 
What computer and software do your use to edit your videos/pictures? I use my Apple computer and the iMovie 11'. To edit my pictures I use Adobe Photo Shop with the Pro Retouch 2.0 from GetTotallyRad.  
Where did you get your blog layout? Envye has a ton of cute templets for blogger!
Do you blog/youtube full time? No, I'm a professional hair stylist and work in a salon. I'm also a freelance stylist for weddings and photoshoots.

         Business inquiries please email me at: alexsismae@gmail.com

(Some products have been sent for review purposes/consideration. This in no way reflects my opinions of the product in any way, shape or form. My reviews are always honest, true and my own opinions that are not swayed by whether the product was paid, free or bought by myself. I believe in giving my viewers my honest opinion and would not recommend something that I don't or won't use myself or my clients! I will let you know which items are sent to me.)


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