Wednesday, July 20, 2016

DIY Padsicles | Postpartum Care

From what I've learned about the aftercare of birthing, women need to do special care for their "Lady Parts," what I'm about to share with you today can change your life. Obviously I'm a youtube binger, especially thought this whole pregnancy journey. I have recently been figuring out what and how I will need to take care of and heal myself DOWN THERE since I plan on having a vaginal birth. Due to the plain fact that we pretty much push a watermelon from our lady parts...anything that helps to sooth that strain and heal the pain is a welcome tip! DIY Padsicles are something that a lot of women highly recommend! So I stocked up on these duo purpose pads and wanted to share this DIY tip with you! I'll be sure to update you on how amazing these are after I have the baby...cause I'm sure I will be preaching about these guys haha! Hope you enjoy!

Thing's Needed:
Ziplock Bags


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