Thursday, March 31, 2016

Best Bra's for Big Boobs!

Next to shopping for jeans and bathing suits, the most discouraging thing can be shopping for a good bra. If you are like me and haven't fit in a size under D since you were in junior high school... you feel the legitimate pain of trying to find something to support your assets. I'm a 32 DDD (or F), so I understand the struggle. I normally wouldn't bare my chest at all (unless at the beach) especially on camera, but felt the necessity upon finding the most amazing bras I have ever worn

I was over the moon ecstatic to discover the brand Third Love. Their sizing, bra support, and range is perfect for small to big boobs. They really cater to finding the perfect fit, and let me tell you I am singing their praises! The video will explain the 3 bra's and why I love them so much! Especially the wireless bra, making my pregnancy even more comfortable! So be sure to watch my favorites, then head over to Third Love and take their Fit Finder to see which bras will make your chest fall in love!

My other 2 favorites come from, very surprisingly, the Victoria's Secret Pink Line! They just changed their sizing to incorporate multiple band and cup sizes. Which is why I couldn't believe that I fit and felt comfortable in such a gorgeous bralette! I'm excited about their new sizing and so excited to shop their bra's and bathing suits now that I can find my size!

Have fun checking out these finds!

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