Monday, February 15, 2016

DIY ● Unicorn "Changing" Gel Nail Tutorial ● Ft. Madam Glam

When your a hairstylist you constantly have your hands in water. If I was to wear regular polish it would be chipped and pathetic within one day. I'm sure many of you have the same problem with your own nail polish. That's why I only use gel on my nails! The gel can last up to four weeks...but I like to change mine every 3 weeks because my nails are scary long by then. With gel I have a beautiful glossy manicure that looks good until its grown out and needs a change. 

I have never shared how I do my gels at home because its hard to get all the right things, and finding an affordable UV/LED lamp can be annoying. So when Madam Glam contacted me to try out their gel kit, I was SO EXCITED and had to try it out as soon as it came in the mail. Their Fabulous Gel Kit ($140) comes with all you need for a gorgeous manicure; a mini LED lamp, 3 gel colors of your choice, wrap foil, a file, and a wood sticker. So from applying to removing, doing your own gels at home can be easy and best of all AFFORDABLE! Just think, the 3 times that you go to the nail salon to get your nails done and you can buy this kit and do your own nails at home 30 more times!

After using this myself and seeing how my nails look, I am so excited to have a gel polish and kit to recommend to you guys! Especially since they have a huge range of colors and chameleon changing shades like the one I used...and they gave me an amazing discount code for 30% off your order: SSMME30! (Making the kit only $98)
Be sure to go check out their website and see for yourself. I know I'm already filling up my shopping cart with new colors to try out! Watch the tutorial if you want to see how I apply my gel nails!
Steps to Gel Nails:
1. Remove any existing polish 
2. Shape and buff nails so there is not shine to nail surface
3. Apply nail dehydrator (or polish remover) to remove any oil
4. Apply Madam Glam Base Coat
5. Cure under lamp for 60 seconds
6. Apply desired Madam Glam gel color 
7. Cure under lamp for 60 seconds
8. Apply second coat of gel color
9. Cure under lamp for 60 seconds
10. Apply Madam Glam Top Coat
11. Cure under lamp for 60 seconds
12. Remove tacky layer with alcohol and cotton ball

(Madam Glam kindly sent me this kit to review. I am very happy to share that I love this product and am sharing my honest opinion. I am not being paid for this review, but and always happy to try and share things that I love with my subbies!)

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