Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Boxycharm | First Impressions | October 2015

I love this subscription box so much, and this month is a good one! Instead of me simply showing you whats in my Boxycharm box...since thats kind of boring, I'm going to try them out and and share my first impression. That way even if you got the box too, you can see how I feel about each one as I try it for the first time! Check out the video, and if you don't have Boxycharm you should sign up! Its only 21$ a month, and this month I got $137 worth of products! Huge steal ;)

Friday, October 23, 2015

3 Ways to Curl a Long Bob

Since I got my new doo, I've been learning my favorite ways to curl it. Sometimes long hair is different then shorter hair, and the way I curl is a bit different! This tutorial is going to share the three go-to ways that I've been rocking!

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial! It can work for any length bob, and for so many occasions! I can't say much I love having my hair this length! I can still do so many style while feeling fresh and modern. Enjoy!

Products Mentioned:
Look 1-
EVO Builders Paradise
Paul Mitchell Flat Iron

Look 2-
EVO Builders Paradise
Nume 19' Wand

Look 3-
EVO Builders Paradise
Pin Curl Clips or Bobby Pins
Paul Mitchell Style Curling Iron (Use a 1inch iron or wand)
Wide Tooth Comb
L'Oreal Infinium Hairspray 3

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Working on Our NEW House!!! | VLOG

If you didnt already know, my husband and I moved out of the apartments and into a little house! We have been in the new place for 3 weeks and are so happy to be renting a perfect little cottage for our family! It was hard when we were in the apartment because our dogs didn't have any room to play, and we wanted to be able to have a house to grow in and allow the fur babies to run outside whenever they wanted. Moving isn't always easy, and let me tell you I can be a baby when its time to get everything into a the moving truck! HAHA, who else turns moody during that??? But we couldn't be happier with this move and what it means for us! So I wanted to share a video of us working on the house as we do a few cosmetic renovations, and share with you our excitement as we begin to style our "Beach Cottage," thats what we named the house ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Sombre Hair Color ft. NEW Redken Shades Eq 09P

I love that the girls I work with let me share their hair changes with you! Nikki has been in a few of my videos either doing my hair or having her hair done by me. This hair color tutorial makes me really excited because I just love how Nikki's hair turned out...even more beautiful then the inspiration picture! We wanted to take her root area to a deeper neutral shade, and then lighten up her sombre for a gorgeous pop of dimension.

We were even more excited because our boss just got in the new shades of Redken Shades EQ! If you haven't seen the new additions you need to check them out because they are wonderful, especially the 09P Opal Glow and 07P Mother of Pearl. Talk about an absolutely stunning toner, a perfect mix for a stunning silver result. We used the 09P on Nikki's hair to tone her lightened pieces...let me just say YOU NEED THIS TONER for your blonde clients! They will fall in love! Check out our video and let us know what you think of Nikki's new sombre!

Color Formula
Base: Schwarzkopf Igora 5-00 + 6-00 + 5-4 (Equal Parts) 30volume 
Sombre Highlights: Schwarzkopf Blonde Me 20volume + Continuum
Toner: Redken Shades EQ NEW 09P + Continuum

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How to Neutralize Brassy Hair to a Gorgeous Blonde

This was by far my greatest color challenge yet! When Kat told me that her hair pulls a very red color, I wasn't prepared for how resistant to ashy tones her hair really was! When I say her hair pulls brass...I mean it was laughing at me when her and I talked about wanting an ashy toned hair color! You can't always know how someone's hair will react, this is a great example of sticking to your guns even when it seems impossible!

I go over exactly what we did in the video, and how I got though her resistant color. We had a very long 8 hour process, but Kat left with a major step in the right direction! Check out the video and see exactly how we got her gorgeous blonde color!

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