Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gigi Hadid ☀ Summer Beach Hair

Things are heating up, and summer is melting popsicles! I have been looking for summer inspiration and was watching my friend, Bri from BlissfullBri on youtube, share a Gigi Hadid inspired makeup look and it's quickly become my current go-to makeup look.  It's perfect for summer, and works really well with a glowing tan! Gigi's peachy sun kissed barely there style is consistent in her everyday life and in photoshoots! She is such a cutie and I'm so glad that Bri shared her version of the look! 

Then I had to google how she wears her hair, and I found this Sports Illustrated picture and wanted to show you guys how to get the perfect beach hair like Gigi! This is so easy and can be done for every occasion. I hope you enjoy!

Quick Tip- If you have a straighter hair texture that likes to go flat and doesn't hold a curl well, try using a working spray like EVO's Builders Paradise to create long lasting hold and then spray with EVO's She-bang-a-bang dry wax spray for the perfect lived in texture. This will create the perfect messy look needed for a beach style.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Fishtail Braid Updo || Collab with 615CareBear

Can you believe that on the 21st its officially summer time! I'm so ready for long days in the warm air with trips to the beach, lots of reading in the warm sand, tan skin, bright polish, and messy braided hair (ok maybe I do that all year long). 

To start this season off right,  I have a special collaboration with Carrie from 615CareBear! We are sharing a few beachy inspired ways to style your hair for all your sunny adventures. I'm rocking a super braided updo that showcases two braids and one big messy bun, the messier the better! Carrie is sharing how to do 3 different boho looks on her gorgeous blonde hair. We have you covered! Be sure to hop over to her channel to check out the tutorial and subscribe because she's so SWEET! 

Hope you enjoy loves!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Upside Down Dutch Braid with a Messy Bun

Who's ready for an arm workout? Haha, because today we are doing an UPSIDE DOWN dutch braid beneath the messy bun. I love this hairstyle because it really gives you an extra day without washing your hair and makes it more exciting with the braided back. 

I said it and I'll say it again, if your trying to accomplish some major volume in your need TEXTURE! I only do this bun when I'm on day 4-5 without washing my hair because I've layers of hairspray and dry shampoo giving it that textured feel. If naturally dirty hair give you the creeps, then spray a little strong hold spray (EVO Helmut Hairspray) and dry shampoo (EVO Water Killer) though you locks, or texture spray (EVO Shebang-a-bang) to add that grit. You'll be on your way to a perfect messy bun in no time flat! 
I hope you enjoy!

Products Mentioned:
EVO Water Killer
EVO Builders Paradise
EVO Love Touch

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Freelance Makeup Kit || Case & Products

Most of you know that I work in a salon doing hair, but I also work as a makeup artist. I normally do events like weddings and prom, and occasionally I work on a photoshoot with models. 

Today I'd like to share with you my freelance case and makeup products that I use on clients. This is a pretty big collection that I've worked on accumulating over the years, these kits take time and money to develop. So whether your are a professional who wants to start a kit, or a person who just loves makeup...this video will give you some good ideas of my favorite must have products.

My makeup case is rather large, and has three trays as well as the bottom compartment. They are interchangeable and I love that it gives me the ability to take as much as I need. I said in the video that I got this from Nigel's...but I actually got it from Namies. I always get those confused. Its very durable and travels easy because of the wheels and handle. The trays have slots that can be changed around to create whatever compartments you want inside, which it a favorite thing about them because it separates the products how I want them. I don't have to deal with plastic bags that tumble all my stuff together!

Check out the video to get all the other information as well as the products that I have inside the case. I hope you guys enjoy this video, and please ask any questions!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Clothing Haul + TRY ON || Nordstrom, Express, American Eagle, Forever 21, Victorias Secret

Its summer, summer, summer time! Time for a few new additions to the wardrobe. I have been shopping this past month at number of stores and found a lot of great things to introduce into my style. There are some great sales going on at this time of year because the transition of seasons always gets retail stores pumped for the next season. And if you don't know...I'm a bargain shopper. I will spend more money on pieces like jeans, boots, jackets, and bags. But with the trendy stuff I'll hunt for a good deal!

Check out the video to see what I got, and for the first time I try each thing on so you can see how it fits! I hope you enjoy!

Sam Edelman Sandals- Nordstrom Rack 
Franko Sarto Sandals- Nordstom Rack
Gold Layered Necklace- Express
Color Blocked Tank- Victoria's Secret
Yoga Joggers- Victoria's Secret
Messy Hair Tank- V. Holland (Instagram: @vhollandboutique)
Mustard Yellow Top- Forever 21
Babydoll Romper- Love & Laundry (Instagram: @loveandlaundryboutique)
Black Maxi Dress- Something Maddison
Striped and Blue Tank Dresses- American Eagle
T-Shirt Dress- Love & Laundry (Instagram: @loveandlaundryboutique)
PINK T-shirt- Victoria's Secret
Army Green Button Up- American Eagle
Blue and White Striped Sweater- Forever 21
Emerald Green Sweater- American Eagle
Speckled Sweater- American Eagle
Jogger Pant- American Eagle (sizes up to a XXL!)
Headchain- Love & Laundry (Instagram: @loveandlaundryboutique)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Double Fishtail Side Braided Hairstyle

I wonder how many times I can say "fishtail braid" in one video, in this one I probably say it 200 times haha! But that can never make me love it less, I'm addicted to these gorgeous braids. Especially when they are pulled our for a effortless windswept look. 

In this tutorial I will take a dutch fishtail braid down and twisted into a regular fishtail braid for a fun style. Braids are all about the ease of wear, and I love to do these on the day that I really need to wash my hair but I don't have time so I braid it that way you can't tell I skipped washing it! I hope you guys enjoy this look!

Products Mentioned:
EVO Helmet Hairspray 

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