Monday, March 23, 2015

Red Fire Balayage Ombre Hair using OLAPLEX + SCHWARZKOPF

I'm so freaking excited to share this process with you today! I came across this amazing picture of @luanna90, a fashion blogger with the MOST incredible red hair I've ever seen! Its looks like her hair in on fire...and every time I see it I sing to myself "this girl is on fire.... this girl is on fireeeee!" I know you're singing it with me haha! As soon as I shared this with my friend Erin she immediately fell in love. So she came to my salon to transform into a vibrant redhead.

Today I'm sharing with you the whole process from start to finish. Because Erin has a fine hair texture that can easily be fragile when coloring, and she is growing her hair out, we really wanted to make sure that we protect her hair from becoming over processed. Thanks to Olaplex we kept her hair strong, gorgeous, and shiny. This took me 4 hours to complete, and I have no problem with that because I made sure to do everything to protect her hair. Transformations like this take time, so if your going to the salon for an ombre or just different then what you have be sure to bring a book! See how I take her hair through this process and how I do it. Hope you guys enjoy!


Left: Lightning her ends   Right: applied red color

 Below: Finished Look!

Erin's Fire Ombre Formula
Lighten the ends: Blonde Me Lightner 30volume, Olaplex
Roots: Schwarzkopf Igora Color 4-88 20Volume
Midlength: Schwarzkopf Igora Color 6-88 + 8-77 
with an 1 1/2"strip of 0-88 and 3/4" strip of 0-77 20volume
End Toner: Schwarzkopf Pastel Color 9, 5-17 10volume , Olaplex

Monday, March 16, 2015

Girl Talk | How to Fight Hormonal Breakouts!

Let's be honest, how many of you get frustrated when you breakout before your period? Did you know that you could be suffering from a hormonal breakout rather than the typical acne breakout? 

As women, we deal with hormones on a daily basis. Our monthly cycle regulates those hormones and can create a problem area around your jaw line and mouth during your cycle. For most, you break out right before and during your flow. I can always tell when I'm about to start because I'll get a few annoying blemishes right around my chin three to four days prior to my start day. I didn't learn that it was truly from my cycle until my aesthetician told me so. You would think that I would have put two and two together, but since I dealt with severe acne as a teen I just assumed I still had regular acne. Low and behold I now know that I just get the occasional hormonal breakout!

So I wanted to share with you a few tips and products that I like to use in my routine to fight and prevent the breakout from taking over. It's important to realize that you want to start treating your skin even before you begin to see blemishes, prevention is much better then trying to defeat the mountain living on your face. (Haha. You know what I'm talking about!) Check out the video and please share any tips that you like to do in your own routine!

Products Mentioned:
Murad Clarifying Cleanser
Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix Treatment
Neutrogena On The Spot Acne Treatment 
100% Pure Purity Facial Cleanser & Mask | Acne Detox

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

✿Boho Loose Bun in 4 Easy Steps!✿

When it comes to buns, I have so many tutorials on different ways to style your hair in this way. But today I took the easy approach and styled this bun for a modern bohemian look that can be thrown up in 4 simple steps. This loose bun is perfect for day after hair with a little bit of a dirty texture to help you get your hair up and looking cute with minimal effort. Key word, effortless. Don't we all want to look like that?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

20 Sexy Bohemian One-Piece Suits

Whoever said that one pieces are outdated obviously hasn't been shopping in the right places! After a few days of 80+ degree sunshine in our fluctuating California weather, I got inspired to start that summer vibe. Since all us mermaids are longing for the summer months I wanted to share a bunch of gorgeous one piece suits to get you in the pina-colada mood! Perfect if your spring break happens to be somewhere warm and tropical!
For you ladies who feel like you need something to control a tummy area, there are options in here for you! The key is to look for sliming patterns and "belted" designs that emphasize the waist line. 
Cheers to a adventurous summer!

Nordstrom | $152 (Great for tummy control!)

Anthropologie | $140 (Great for tummy control!)

Coggles | $180 (Great for tummy control!)

Coggles | $160 (Great for tummy control!)

ShopBop | $168 (Great for tummy control!)

Macys | $99 (Great for tummy control!)

Monday, March 2, 2015

February Favorites 2015

Oh hey there March! February was a pretty close mirror to my 2014 over all favorites. I have been using a few new and rediscovered items that I share in this months favorites! I'm really excited to be on the cusp of Spring time, bring on the color!

What have you been up to lately? I am happy to say that we have had a nice little rain storm the past couple days, a glorious sight here in Southern California! Its normally pretty dry here in the OC, safe to say that most of us don't own rain boots lol! Other than that, I've mostly been working at the salon and working out. Spring always reminds me to get my booty in shape, I'm going on my fourth week of working out. Even though I skipped I feeling guilty and as soon as this post goes up I'll be knocking out a little cardio in the living room !! Hope you guys have been enjoying your February, and pray for another good month in March!

Youtube Spotlight:
Products Mentioned:
Beauty Blender Pink
NYX Pore Filler & Shine Killer
Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free Foundation
Stilia Convertible Color in Gerbera
XO Beauty Round Top Face Brush
NYX Micro Brow Pencil (Ash Blonde)
NYX Tinted Brow Mascara (Blonde & Brunette)
Jordana FabuBrow (Light Taupe)
Milani in Matte Passion
Lime Crime Suedeberry & Utopia
Lorac Unzipped Palette
Capri Blue Volcano Candle
Nails & Nose Ring
T&J Designs Blue Necklace on sale for $28!

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