Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How to Pack Your Suitcase Like a Pro!

Last week I was spending time with my husband's family back in Tennessee. My gorgeous sister-in law Aspen got married on the 13th, so we enjoyed a week prepping last minute things with them for their big day! Since I am one of those people that ALWAYS tend to overpack...because let's be real I change my mind on what I wear too much to bring "enough," I wanted to share a video with tips to pack your bags! 

Last year I shared a video | Whats in my Travel Bag ✈ Hawaii Vacation VLOG | and had such a great time sharing what I brought that I thought I'd do a video on how I actually pack.
I have a few tricks to strategically plan a suitcase to make more room and organize it for easy travel. And let's be real, more room means more things I can pack haha! I used to be one of those people to just throw stuff in and try to cram as much crap in that I could. But then once you reach your destination your clothes are all wrinkled, everything smells like dirty shoes, and the suitcase can be a hassle to keep organized. I also made a super cute packing list just for you girl! Everything you could need for general travel is listed, including a makeup product list. Because last time I packed I forgot my mascara...I was not a happy camper! Click the picture for a direct download, then you can print it out and be sure to remember everything you need!

Hope you guys enjoy this video, and please share any travel tips you have in the comments! We can always use more travel tips!

Pink and Blue Suitcase- Marshalls
Travel Bags- Marshalls
Tag's- Marshalls
Travel Cosmetic Jars- Marshalls

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