Friday, August 21, 2015

✧ How to Cut the PERFECT Long Bob ✧ ("Lob Haircut")

This is my very first haircut tutorial! It makes me really nervous to share a cutting video because I'm not a "technical" lingo stylist, I know what things are called, but I'm more of a relaxed cutter. So I dug back into my hair school days and created a headset for all the technical cutters. It's probably not the best, but Im proud of it and it breaks down the cut so you can really see the sections and partings which are major key factors to any cut.

My client Monica emailed me wanting to do this hair cut but was nervous about chopping her hair off. Funny things was that I got this email as I was getting my own hair cut! So I was really excited to share with her my experience and how much I was loving my new hair. It's important as a stylist to try out a few looks and keep with the current styles because your clients will be looking to you for direction. If your scared, they will be too. After that she booked an appointment and came in. I have so much fun transforming people with cuts, there is nothing like having thick healthy hair! Check out the video and see my favorite way to cut the perfect long bob!

This is basically how Nikki cut my hair back in my vlog video! I wanted to share this for anyone who is looking into getting their hair done like this, or for those who are learning to cut! I wish I had more videos back when I was learning because the haircutting part was the hardest for me to learn. Especially since I'm left handed. Thank you so much for watching my very first hair cutting tutorial, I hope you all enjoy!

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