Monday, August 3, 2015

Purple/Magenta Permanent Hair Color Makeover ★ UNICORN+MERMAID SERIES

You know when you get that incredible feeling as you finish a project and go to stand back to see what you just did. I am so FLIPPING EXCITED to share Heathers hair make over with you! This is her very first experience doing anything out of the regular color realm, she has crossed worlds into unicorn/mermaid land. The most magical and exciting land of all! You guys should know by now how much these colors excite me, I mean how do you not want to smile when looking at vibrant hair?

This color is permanent. Yeah. Crazy. When Heather sent me her inspiration picture I was a bit thrown off. Color like this isn't available in every line, especially not the permanent line. Sure you can mix a temporary fashion shade no problem, but the maintenance is a lot of time and money. When your getting into your first experience with brighter colors, that can be very off-putting. So I went to my computer and asked around and a few stylist's shared their experience with ISO 4VV! I'm always grateful when other artist share their knowledge, that is after all why I do these videos. Along with that shade I also picked up Joico's 4FV, a more muted darker purple. 

In the video you can see how I went though the process to ensure a bright color and her end result. Sometimes I like to layer a fashion shade for more of a pop. But we were both so happy with the color alone we didn't even do a coat of a purple color over the top. Since her hair was yellow before we put the 4VV over it, the end result was more of a purple/magenta. Such a gorgeous and unique color for such a beautiful girl!

I can't tell you how happy I am that I was able to take Heather though this journey. She is such a sweetheart, and I can't wait to see what she wants to do next. I also wanted to let you know what she is a jewelry maker and has an amazing collecting, Chromia and Crystal, for sale on Etsy. Her style is very bohemian and affordable, be sure to go check that out after you watch the video!

Heathers Formula
Soap Cap-
Schwarzkopf Blonde Me x40 volume + Shampoo 1:1:1r
Loreal Color Corrector (8Minutes)
Roots: ISO 4VV x20volume
Midshaft to ends: ISO 4VV x20/30volume ; Joico 4FV x10volume
With Embee Meche foil alternatives

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