Monday, July 13, 2015

Fishtail Piggytail's Hairstyle

When you hair is dirty and you need a magic trick to get out of washing it for another day...dry shampoo and piggytails swoop in and save the day! The piggytail look is normally associated with a very childish vibe that is not something a woman might think to wear. But switch up the technique and use a fishtail braid and it's a perfect disguise for dirty hair no matter how old you are! 
I can't even describe how easy and adorable this style is, paired with a summer hat it's even better! Which is what I did the other day because I'm obsessed with my big black hat. It keeps the sun off my face and keeps me cool. How cute with this be with a bikini or sundress?!? I hope you enjoy this look, and don't forget that if you try it and post to instagram TAG ME! I love to see how you wear these styles!

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