Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to diffuse hair without frizz! | WAVY & CURLY

Since I'm more relaxed with my hair during the summer, I tend to wear my natural wave a lot. I love wavy/curly hair, and have always been so jealous of people with curls. You always want what you don't have right? While talking to some friends and clients who have gorgeous hair but always dry it straight because their hair is always frizzy or uneven when they try to wear it natural, I wanted to make a tutorial sharing how I style my hair to keep the frizz away. That way more people can wear their gorgeous natural hair! This also helps to wake up my waves and make them more prominent then normal.

Fighting frizz is the most annoying thing to anyone with a wave/curl. No one likes to look as if they've had their head out the car window. I listed my favorite products below to help you out with finding your perfect fit. Above all I would say the must haves are the DevaCurl Frizz Free Volumizing Foam and EVO Liquid Rollers curl balm. These make my waves exactly how I want them to look. Just another style to make me look like a mermaid! Check out the tutorial for the how-to and tips!

Products I used:
Moroccan Oil Smooth Shampoo
EVO The Great Hydrator Mask
Redken Wide Tooth Comb

DevaCurl Frizz Free Volumizing Foam
EVO Liquid Rollers curl balm
Moroccan Oil Treatment LIGHT
EVO Days of Grace leave in conditioner
EVO Builders Paradise hair spray

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