Friday, June 12, 2015

Upside Down Dutch Braid with a Messy Bun

Who's ready for an arm workout? Haha, because today we are doing an UPSIDE DOWN dutch braid beneath the messy bun. I love this hairstyle because it really gives you an extra day without washing your hair and makes it more exciting with the braided back. 

I said it and I'll say it again, if your trying to accomplish some major volume in your need TEXTURE! I only do this bun when I'm on day 4-5 without washing my hair because I've layers of hairspray and dry shampoo giving it that textured feel. If naturally dirty hair give you the creeps, then spray a little strong hold spray (EVO Helmut Hairspray) and dry shampoo (EVO Water Killer) though you locks, or texture spray (EVO Shebang-a-bang) to add that grit. You'll be on your way to a perfect messy bun in no time flat! 
I hope you enjoy!

Products Mentioned:
EVO Water Killer
EVO Builders Paradise
EVO Love Touch

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