Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Double Fishtail Side Braided Hairstyle

I wonder how many times I can say "fishtail braid" in one video, in this one I probably say it 200 times haha! But that can never make me love it less, I'm addicted to these gorgeous braids. Especially when they are pulled our for a effortless windswept look. 

In this tutorial I will take a dutch fishtail braid down and twisted into a regular fishtail braid for a fun style. Braids are all about the ease of wear, and I love to do these on the day that I really need to wash my hair but I don't have time so I braid it that way you can't tell I skipped washing it! I hope you guys enjoy this look!

Products Mentioned:
EVO Helmet Hairspray 

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