Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sombre Root Smudge | My Hair Color!

While ombre techniques may still be lingering on peoples hair, the new trend...its much softer sister style...the sombre has taken over for a more natural effect. We are leaving behind the obvious ombre transition for a grown out soft root speckled with a few highlights that makes your hair look like its kissed by the sun.  A subtle graduation from darker to lighter that has hair color seem effortless and sexy!

What I particularly love about this hair color other then the gorgeous visual affect, is the ease it gives clients who don't/can't commit to the typical 4-6 week touch ups. The sombre is such a great blend of natural color and brightness that allows you to go up to 12 weeks without needing a major all over touch up. While some people might still need to get their hair cut or grays covered and end color toned in between appointments, the regular gigantic process of getting a thousand foils in your hair isn't a problem with this color trend. Every several weeks you can stop in for a easy touch up like you see me getting in this video. I'm obsessed with my color and can't get enough!

before & after

I hope you guys enjoy this version of how Nikki does my Sombre, using a few techniques that gets me in and out of the salon in about half the time a regular blonde color dragged me down with! Check out the video and follow along.

Roots- Redken Shades EQ 6N (1oz ) + 6T (1oz) equal parts + Processing Solution (2oz)
Highlights- Redken Flashlift x30 volume + 1/4 oz Olaplex

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