Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pravana Neon Blue & Green Hair Color | Inspired by Guy Tang

Welcome to Guy Tang "Alien Couture" inspired hair color! Guy Tang is an amazing hair stylist that inspires me with each and every client that he works on. He is always transforming women's hair into gorgeous works of art, every thing from Elsa platinum, to soft natural ombre, and then the eyeshocking neons! We were so inspired by his color done with the Pravana neons we had to try it out for ourselves!

Today Tara ( my gorgeous client and an assistant at the salon I work at) and I collaborated to create this perfect alien blue shadowed root to slime green ends. Something that we both can't stop smiling about! I wanted to share this quick video so you guys can see the color outcome and how well it stays true to what you see in the tube.

I have a video where I show you how I touch up Taras hair color, so please refer to that and see how I do the first couple steps. If your wanting to get a bright color you have to be working with hair at a level 10, otherwise its not going to take seamlessly with the lighter shades like neons and pastels. For the actual application of the color I want to let you know that this is a very creative color and is literally done how you want to see the color, so I don't have any specific directions on how I apply the light blue and green other then continuously blending the blue to green and putting it where I felt I want the colors to sit. I did list the steps I took to get here for a better idea of how to go about getting a true neon color!
Step 1:
lighten hair regrowth using foils  | Schwarzkopf Blonde Me 20 volume (I also touched up her front panel of dark color around her face using Schwarzkopf 5-0 with 10volume) 

Step 2:
remove any preexisting color (blue) for a clean canvas | Pravana 000 and 30 volume, didn't work because I didn't use the Pravana Developer, so I went back in with Blonde Me 40 volume and shampoo for a bleach wash

Step 3:
on completely DRY HAIR, apply a darker shadow color to roots only going an inch out | Pravana Neon Blue with a few dots of Rusk Blue

Step 4:
Balayage the lighter blue into the neon green, also add a few spots of yellow where desired (using foils is optional) | Pravana Neon Blue, Pravana Neon Green, Scruples Urban Shock Yellow

Step 5:
Wash out hair in COLD COLD COLD water to prevent colors from bleeding onto each other!!! Then Shampoo and Condition!

I hope this helps to give you an idea of how much it takes to commit to a fashion color and how amazing the Pravana Neon shades are. I'm so impressed and can't wait to find other girls who aren't afraid to rock this alien couture style! Don't forget to show me your pictures of using the neon line by tagging me on Instagram @alexsismae!!!

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