Friday, May 29, 2015

DIY 100% Natural Detoxing Clay Mask | Only 2 Ingredients!

My aesthetician is a serious miracle worker with my skin. So if she tells me how to do something, best believe I am going to follow directions. The last time I got a facial, Paige told me about a detox mask that she wanted me to do once a week to help keep my skin clear of buildup and breakouts. 

I have a few clay masks but since they are sold on a shelf most of them aren't all natural or organic. Paige shared with me her formula for a great detox mask using only two ingredients. If you have ever wanted something to zap zits and take care of breakouts while using products that are safe for your body this mask is for you! And its great for sensitive/acne prone skin like mine. 

The first thing you need is the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay ($8), which is 100% Natural Bentonite Clay. This deep cleans your pores and extracts any impurities and dirt from your skin. Then you mix it with raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar ($6), this acts as an anti-fungal and astringent to kill bacteria. It also removes excessive oils from your skin, and balances the ph level that can help prevent your skin from becoming too oily or too dry by balancing the sebaceous glands (oil producing glands)! I've done it for 4 weeks now and I can already tell that my face is less oily throughout the day! Talk about the perfect thing to detox your skin! (If you have really sensitive skin you can use half water and half apple cider.) Then sit back and watch it dry up and tighten...oh and did I mention it also makes you face feel like its pulsating! 
(From wet clay to dry clay. My face is so tight I can't smile haha!)

Check out the video and see how I use this amazing mask. You'll fall in love with it while it zaps the blemishes from your skin! Have fun!

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