Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sunlights Balayage Lightner | "The Balay Box" | REVIEW + DEMO

If you didn't already know, balayage is a big deal in the hair color world. Balayage technique is is a free hand application where the color is applied by hand rather then using traditional foiling techniques. The process and products vary by stylist, and today I'm reviewing the new Sunlights Lightner and The Balay Box

Sunlights was designed by Candy Shaw exclusively for professional balayage artists. She created a clay based lightner specifically for easy application and saturation when free handing hair color. Since most lighters are sand based, this makes the application a bit hard to apply and it dries out quickly if not covered. With Sunlights the whole process is different from your first swipe. In the video I share a review on whats in The Balay Box as well as a demo of the product so you can see it in action, as well as what comes in the box kit. 

I'm extremely impressed with this lightner and am so excited that I have something designed  for when I want to add some sun kissed highlights into my clients hair. A few things to know about Sunlights is; you can use any brand developer, it is not recommended to use under forced heat, and it only lifts up to 4-6 levels. Check out the video to get a more in depth idea of how this product works, and please share your thoughts and questions in the comments!

 The Formula:
Sunlights Lightner with 40volume Schwarzkopf Igora Developer & 1/4oz Olaplex
Toned with a peach color

Above- I sectioned off the top from bottom so we could add most of the brightness to her underneath hair. Then I did light free hand balayage to the top.
Here is the after results, as you can tell her hair isn't white blonde, because the lightner was designed to give a natural sun kissed look. 

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