Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dirty Blonde to Reverse Purple Ombre | with OLAPLEX

I feel like I've been transforming peoples hair since Spring has arrived. Everyone gets the itch to change their hair...and us hairstylist LOVE it! Especially when someone like Kristen wants to add fun color to her hair! Kristen and I have been internet buddies for a good while now, and she asked me about doing her hair and of corse I was super excited to be able to do this purple ombre on her!

Kristen has a TON TON TON of hair. She could be Rapunzel her hair is that thick and gorgeous! Since I knew the many steps we had to go threw in a single visit to the salon, I prepared her for the long appointment ahead. You can follow the video to see what I did to accomplish the end result, and check out the formula I have below to see the way I got her hair blonde. Don't forget that the reason I can use higher volume of peroxide is because I have Olaplex in the formula.

Thank you so much for watching and please don't hesitate to ask questions!

Above- Before    Below- Durring the lightning and purple stage 


Kristens Formula:
Foil highlights- Schwarzkopf Blonde Me 30Vol + 1/4oz Olaplex
Balayage Ends- Sunlights 40vol + 1/8oz Olaplex
Purple- Pravana Violet + Scruples Urban Shock Violet + Scruples Urban Shock Pink + Conditioner (each color is individually mixed by into the conditioner base until desired color is achieved)

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