Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dianna Agron | Spring Fishtail Inspired Updo | NO HEAT!

A couple weeks ago I was emailed by my subscriber Kristi, who asked me to do a hair tutorial for prom inspired by Dianna Agron's look at the 2012 SAG Awards. Which always excites and flatters me when you guys reach out and ask for a tutorial, I do this for you after all! And I love the SAG awards, probably one of the most inspiring events that I watch for hair and makeup.

 I created this effortless updo that consists of 4 fishtail braids (one made out of a two weft hair extensions), and a creative way to place them in your hair. Since I could only find front and side shots of Dianna's hair from that night, I went in and made my own idea for how the back could look. This is definitely a more accomplished style, and can be manipulated to your own liking. Updo's like these are more of a creative idea, so where the hair tells me it wants to go, I place it. But this gives you an idea of how to recreate her gorgeous look from 2012. Thank you Kristi for requesting this hairstyle, I had such a blast tutorialing it for you!

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