Monday, April 20, 2015

Color Correction | Pravana Color Extractor | NO BLEACH | Black to Warm Brown

Have you ever needed to remove a color thats either really dark or that has been in the hair for a long time? The answer is yes! As a hairstylist we are faced with this time and time again. Instead of reaching straight for the bleach lightner I like to use a simple process that can safely take oxidative color out, even BLACK and RED, without damaging my clients hair. This is called a Color Remover (or stripper/extractor), and my favorite most effective brand that I use is by Pravana called the "Color Extractor." Its designed to be an effective tool in color corrections when your faced with dark hair colors, uneven applications, hair thats gone too ashy, clients who want to go blonde, and many other problems. The Color Extractor is safe to use up to 3 times in one day and has no bleach, no formaldehyde, no ammonia, and no developer!

For this correction I had my client Christine come in with about 5 inches of regrowth and multiple processes of black hair color on her ends. She wanted to go back to her natural hair color which is about a level 5 brown, with some light brown brighter pieces. So we took her though this process and was able to safely get her to the desired end result without putting any bleach on her hair at all. Thats a huge victory in my books because I always emphasis to my clients that my goal is to keep the integrity of your hair without skipping any steps. After four hours in the salon Christine left super happy and back to her natural gorgeous color...with a bit of a sunshine kiss! 

The before picture, Christine was a level 1-2 black

After applying the color extractor two times for a combined total of 40 minutes, we got her to a level 6 with a lot of obvious warm red undertones

Then added some subtle highlights and toned the red out for a gorgeous natural warm brown

Here is another picture in different lighting

This is always my first step when clients want to change their color and have permanent oxidative dyes on their hair. I recommend for all stylist to learn how to use this amazing tool, because it can save your clients hair and take away the scary unnecessary use of bleach. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem using a bleach lightner when I need to but only then. This makes your job easier and gives you a way to a change a clients color more often! Check out the video to see exactly how I did this! And as always, please share your thoughts and any tips you might have for color corrections!

Christines Formula:
Pravana Color Extractor (done twice)
Highlights- Schwarzkopf 10-4 with 30vol
All Over- Redken Shades EQ 6gn + 8gn + 8n (equal parts)
Tones the highlights with 8gn + 9b (equal Parts)

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