Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How to keep hair from getting BRASSY! | In Salon & At Home

If you have ever lightened your hair you should know that your color can tend to get orange or yellow tinted. Because when you lift your natural hair color it brings out your underlying pigment. For brunettes thats red and orange, and for blondes thats orange and yellow. I wanted to give you a little color education so you can see why your hair requires neutralization of a brassy tone.

The only way to combat these unwanted tones is to neutralize them...stay with me here. In the art world there is something called a color wheel, you may know what it is or remember it from school. As a hairstylist I rely heavily on that wheel for knowing what I need to do with my clients hair. Since I have blonde hair and it wants to have a yellow tone, I neutralize it with a violet toner which leaves me with my desired beige tone. I created the pictures above to you can get an easy visual on the Color Theory we learn in school, its not just about picking a pretty color. Your end result can vary depending on the color of the hair your working on and how much you want to neutralize. 

Now that we know a little bit about color theory, check out my video to see how I correct the unwanted tones in the salon and at home. I broke this up into two videos; the first is the color theory and how I use toner in the salon, and the second is what products I recommend to use at home. These are great tips to know as a hairstylist as well as client so you can both be happy with the color you have!

Part 1
Part 2

Products Mentioned:
Redken Shades EQ
(My toner formula- 1/4oz 9T + 1/4oz 9V + 1oz Clear + 1 1/2oz of Processing Solution, Leave on until you've achieved the desired tone, I normally leave mine on 5-10 minutes)
Matrix So Silver Shampoo
EVO Fabuloso in Platinum Blonde

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