Friday, February 27, 2015

Milani Moisture Matte Lipstick | Lip Swatch Week

This is probably the most exciting line that I've reviewed all week! Today I'm sharing Milani's Moisture Matte Lipsticks $5.99, they come in 8 shades and claim to be a great feeling formula that lasts for hours. 

Bonus shades above- Color Statement Catwalk Pink & Power Pink

Matte Innocence | Matte Naked | Matte Blissful | Matte Diva
Matte Orchid | Matte Glam | Matte Passion | Matte Confident

First impression of these lipsticks are so great. The packaging is the same as their previous line, but you know the difference when you read the shade name which has "matte" before the color. That way you know which one to go for if you have an extensive collection of their lipsticks like I do (insert nervous laugh)! Their claim to a comfortable wear is nothing but true, if you've experienced the Maybelline Matte lipsticks and their creamy but matte ease as they glide on the lips then you have an idea of what to expect. I would say the Milani ones are like a hair on the drier side...but just barely. They are truly incredible and I'm very excited to wear them and can't wait till more is added into the line! Huge thumbs up from me!

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