Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jordana Morden Matte Lipstick | Lip Swatch Week

Todays mini review and swatches will be of Jordana's new Modern Matte Lipsticks! There are 12 total in this collection, and they retail for $2-3 and can be found online or at Walgreens! 

Lets start with the looks. The packaging is great to me because not only can you easily find the color you're looking for, but you can also see the lipstick itself because the cap is clear. On the down side a clear cap also means is can get messy really fast. I'm glad that they did a sleek non-fussy tube because if you're selling a cheap lipstick I'd rather the money go into the formula. When I swatch each shade you will see a few of these matte lipsticks just are too drying for me, I'd rather use a more expensive brand and get the color payoff and wear I like. But, there are some great colors in the collection and I'll tell you all about it in my video! Hope your enjoying lip swatch week so far!

Bare- good color, easy to wear
Blush- basic nude, would use a lipliner
Frappechino- amazing color, love this one!
Tease- pretty, but a bit uneven
Classy- love this
Adorable- wouldn't recommend
Popular- really fun and bright
It girl- LOVE, can't wait to wear, recommend a lipliner
Dare- gorgeous, but a bit dry
Pretty- great for olive completions 
Caliente- too dry, boo
Style- beautiful red, recommend a lipliner

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