Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bright Blue Mermaid Hair Color | Salon Vlog

Todays video was not my originally scheduled video, but unfortunately the post office lost a package that I've been expecting since the 17th and they still haven't sent it to me. I am working on a week of lipstick swatches, so once I get everything I can upload that for everyone!

Above- Before | Below- After

Anyways, I'm excited to share this with you early! I'm vlogging another salon video, per request, on how we touch up Tara's hair color. This is something that I think people don't understand all the way because temporary vibrant colors are done in a few steps. Its a longer process with a few tricks on making sure you get the right end results and don't wind up with a funky splotchy color! Also, its a nice inside for people who are looking to get this done for the first time and don't know what to expect. Its basically the same process depending on how dark your hair color is. After you get your hair to the desired blonde, then you process it the same way placing your temporary colors where you want. Don't forget to check out Jason's Instagram, he was the one who originally came up with this color and I had the pleasure of touching it up today! Hope you guys enjoy!

Products Mentioned:
Schwarzkopf  Blonde Me Lightner
Scruples Urban Shock Yellow
Rusk Blue
Evo Styling Products; Root Canal, Shape Vixen, & Haze

( DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend coloring your hair at home. Each persons hair is different and will need their own custom formulation and process. This is a professional service and is done in a salon. Bad/harmful results can occur when not consulting and using a hair stylist, I am not responsible for anyone trying this at home or misusing the products.)

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