Saturday, February 28, 2015

NYX Wicked Lippies | Lip Swatch Week

Wow guys, this is my last review of the week! So to close this lip swatch week down I wanted to end with a wild card. Today I'm sharing the NYX Wicked Lippies $6, 12 shimmering shades that will leave your lips looking enchanted.

Betrayal | Scandalous | Trickery | Wrath | Sinful | Stone Cold
Immortal | Mischievous | Risque | Power | Cold Hearted | Envy (not swatched)

These lipsticks have the same packaging as the matte lip line. I love that you can see the color in the middle of the tube. Each shade is crazy colored and very pigmented. Obviously these aren't for the average Jane...I'm pretty outgoing with my lips but I doubt these will make an appearance till Halloween. I still wanted to swatch them because some girls like the out-of-box shades!

Thank you so much for hanging out with me this week and checking out all the new or new-er lipsticks. Now that I've bamboozled your senses, go out and get stocked up for spring! LOVE YOU ALL!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Milani Moisture Matte Lipstick | Lip Swatch Week

This is probably the most exciting line that I've reviewed all week! Today I'm sharing Milani's Moisture Matte Lipsticks $5.99, they come in 8 shades and claim to be a great feeling formula that lasts for hours. 

Bonus shades above- Color Statement Catwalk Pink & Power Pink

Matte Innocence | Matte Naked | Matte Blissful | Matte Diva
Matte Orchid | Matte Glam | Matte Passion | Matte Confident

First impression of these lipsticks are so great. The packaging is the same as their previous line, but you know the difference when you read the shade name which has "matte" before the color. That way you know which one to go for if you have an extensive collection of their lipsticks like I do (insert nervous laugh)! Their claim to a comfortable wear is nothing but true, if you've experienced the Maybelline Matte lipsticks and their creamy but matte ease as they glide on the lips then you have an idea of what to expect. I would say the Milani ones are like a hair on the drier side...but just barely. They are truly incredible and I'm very excited to wear them and can't wait till more is added into the line! Huge thumbs up from me!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

NYX Lip Cream; Pink, Red, Nude, Vamp | Lip Swatch Week

Welcome to the wonderful world of lip creams. Todays agenda is to discover the extensive collection of NYX Simply Lip Creams $6.50, coming in a range of shades from light to vamp! There are four color schemes within the collection; pink, red, nude, and vamp. Each of them have about 6 different shades and tonal variety. I gotta say that after swatching and wearing these creams I'm pretty impressed! Check out the video for all the info ;)

Products Mentioned-
Simply Pink
First Base- pretty medium mauve tone
Enchanted- light pastel petal
Flushed- cool light pink
French Kiss- my favorite, gorgeous bright blue tone
XOXO- warm coral shade, perfect for spring/summer
Primrose- great universal pink
Simply Red
(recommend lip liners)
Russian Roulette- classic red, gorgeous pigment
Knock Out- brick toned, love
Candy Apple- cool tone, makes your teeth white!
Maraschino- I would rather wear Candy Apple
Seduction- my favorite, the perfect orange toned red
Leading Lady- deeper classic red
Simply Nude
Peaches- recommend for pale skin
Exposed- great beige nude
Disrobed- deeper then Peaches, great for pale skin
Fairest- sooo light, only for pale skin
Honey- warm tone, great for cool skin girls
Sable- my favorite, gorgeous brown nude
Simply Vamp
(recommend lip liners)
Enamored- darkest brown black
Covet- not my favorite, lacks pigment
Aphrodisiac- very pigmented, better version of Covet
She Devil- Super dark basically black
V'Amped Up Lip Top Coat Black- still trying to figure this one out!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jordana Morden Matte Lipstick | Lip Swatch Week

Todays mini review and swatches will be of Jordana's new Modern Matte Lipsticks! There are 12 total in this collection, and they retail for $2-3 and can be found online or at Walgreens! 

Lets start with the looks. The packaging is great to me because not only can you easily find the color you're looking for, but you can also see the lipstick itself because the cap is clear. On the down side a clear cap also means is can get messy really fast. I'm glad that they did a sleek non-fussy tube because if you're selling a cheap lipstick I'd rather the money go into the formula. When I swatch each shade you will see a few of these matte lipsticks just are too drying for me, I'd rather use a more expensive brand and get the color payoff and wear I like. But, there are some great colors in the collection and I'll tell you all about it in my video! Hope your enjoying lip swatch week so far!

Bare- good color, easy to wear
Blush- basic nude, would use a lipliner
Frappechino- amazing color, love this one!
Tease- pretty, but a bit uneven
Classy- love this
Adorable- wouldn't recommend
Popular- really fun and bright
It girl- LOVE, can't wait to wear, recommend a lipliner
Dare- gorgeous, but a bit dry
Pretty- great for olive completions 
Caliente- too dry, boo
Style- beautiful red, recommend a lipliner

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

NYX Intense Butter Gloss | LIP SWATCH WEEK

Today we are swatching the Spring 2015 NYX Intense Butter Gloss lippies ($5.99). These are a more pigmented collection of Butter Glosses that pack a punk! The Intense line comes in 12 alluring shades, ranging from nude to bright purple. I'm so excited about this line and can't tell you how much I love them. The formula is so SUPER creamy and easy to wear, only the darker shades need a bit of help from a lipliner because of the fact that they are still a gloss. These would be perfect to top over your favorite lipsticks for a high gloss lip! Check out the video for the full details, and the summery down below for my quick look over!

TRES- perfect everyday nude
CHOCOLATE CREPE- beautiful medium toned mauve
BANANA SPLIT- too pastel for me, only one I don't like
ORANGESICLE- super bright and opaque
SORBET- very pastel, pretty but not what I would wear
NAPOLEON- wearable pastel pink with deeper tone
FUNNEL DELIGHT- best bright pink ever
SPICE CAKE- super wearable purple mauve
TOASTED MARSHMALLOW- my favorite everyday shade
APPLE CRISP- crazy good glossy red, recommend a lipliner 
BLACK CHERRY- more of a purple, recommend a lipliner 
BERRY STRUDLE- unicorn magic once again!

Monday, February 23, 2015

LIP SWATCH WEEK | NYX High Voltage Lipstick

Since all the cosmetic companies are gearing up for spring, there are a ton of new lipsticks ready to start the new season! I have so many new lippies that have been sent to me I thought it would be cool to get them all together for a lip swatch party all week! I'll be sharing with you a few brands with plenty of different colors so you can pick out a few for the fast approaching spring time.

First to start out this week long marathon, are the Spring 2015 NYX High Voltage lipsticks ($6). This line consists of 22 shades that range from the lightest nude to a dark black cherry. All but one of these lipsticks were extremely pigmented and pretty creamy. A few were not my cup of tea, and some were a little patchy or just so/so. Check out the video for all the details, and you can refer back to my little list below with a quick summery of each shade! 

MIRAGE- too light for me
STONE- pretty, but a little cooler
FLAWLESS- grayish...not my favorite
FLUTTER KISS- love this shade!
TAN(GERINE)- way too pastel and awkward
TIARA- wearable warm pink
FRENCH KISS- Mac Cream Cup look alike, but more pink/pastel
PINK LADY- its ok, needs lipliner
BEAM- felt awful, gritty and uncomfortable
SWEET 16- love this shade!
FREE SPIRIT- BRIGHT, packs a punch
PRIVILEGED- fun shade!
RAGS TO RICHES- love this watermelon color
ROCK STAR- good orange/red, wear a lip liner
HOLLYWOOD- so pigmented, great glossy red
BURLESQUE- kind of patchy, I like other lipstick better
PLAYDATE- neat unicorn shade, exfoliate!
WINE & DINE- very complimentary wine shade
FELINE- perfect vamp shade, needs lipliner
DAHLIA- pigmented, needs lipliner

Oscar Party Tulle + Leather

Dress- Heather Pullis | Leather Jacket- Lookbook Store
 Black Platforms- Public Desire | Necklace- T&J Designs | Clutch- Bebe (similar)

Last night I got to attend my friend Evelyne's annual Oscar Viewing Party! She is the cutest and sweetest person on the planet, and has her own fashion blog called Everything Evelyn, catering to mom's who need a little inspiration on how to dress while living a busy mom life. She is always inspiring people to dare new things, and have fun with what you are wearing! 

Of corse I had to share with you my outfit of the night because this dress makes me so beyond happy. I love wearing tulle, and the way the dress fits is probably one of the most comfortable and easy to wear styles. I have also worn it with knee high boots because the under slip goes right above your knees so it shows the boots and with a jean jacket it transforms into a more casual dress. Thats what I love about it, it can be easy and casual or fun and glamorous! I'm also in love with my new necklace from T&J Designs, I got so many compliments on it the whole night. Its definitely a feature item!

I hope your weekend was relaxing and wonderful! Be ready for a whole week of lip swatches coming up! I have 6 whole days of nothing but lippies!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Natural Overnight Beach Waves | NO HEAT REQUIRED

A few years ago, back when I first started my channel at the beginning of 2012 , I shared a tutorial on how to do overnight curls. I have used this method for years and over that time I've learned the easiest way to use this technique. Here you can see how to french twist your hair before going to bed so that when you wake up you will have the perfect beach waves. This method is best for straight to wavy hair as it will give waves in the direction that you want. I like using a french twist because it helps to enhance my waves and gives them a more natural look then a french or three strand braid. 

Depending on your hair thickness determines how many time you use this french twist method. If you have fine to medium thickness, I would follow the tutorial exactly as shown. But if you have thick hair I would recommend layering your french twist. This is done by parting your hair from left to right just like its shown in the tutorial. Then with each side you make a parting horizontal splitting it into two sections. Then I would create two rope braids and simply layer them on top of each other. This will make sure that your waves aren't too big that they just fall out. 

The smaller the french twist, the smaller the waves, the bigger the twist the bigger the waves! Hope you guys enjoy this updated tutorial! And let me know what your favorite overnight curl method is!

Products Mentioned:
Paul Mitchell Fast Form
L'oreal Professional Hairspray #2
Hot Tools 1in Curling Iron

(And if you want to get a kick out of my old videos, check out this old school tutorial and laugh with me!)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bright Blue Mermaid Hair Color | Salon Vlog

Todays video was not my originally scheduled video, but unfortunately the post office lost a package that I've been expecting since the 17th and they still haven't sent it to me. I am working on a week of lipstick swatches, so once I get everything I can upload that for everyone!

Above- Before | Below- After

Anyways, I'm excited to share this with you early! I'm vlogging another salon video, per request, on how we touch up Tara's hair color. This is something that I think people don't understand all the way because temporary vibrant colors are done in a few steps. Its a longer process with a few tricks on making sure you get the right end results and don't wind up with a funky splotchy color! Also, its a nice inside for people who are looking to get this done for the first time and don't know what to expect. Its basically the same process depending on how dark your hair color is. After you get your hair to the desired blonde, then you process it the same way placing your temporary colors where you want. Don't forget to check out Jason's Instagram, he was the one who originally came up with this color and I had the pleasure of touching it up today! Hope you guys enjoy!

Products Mentioned:
Schwarzkopf  Blonde Me Lightner
Scruples Urban Shock Yellow
Rusk Blue
Evo Styling Products; Root Canal, Shape Vixen, & Haze

( DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend coloring your hair at home. Each persons hair is different and will need their own custom formulation and process. This is a professional service and is done in a salon. Bad/harmful results can occur when not consulting and using a hair stylist, I am not responsible for anyone trying this at home or misusing the products.)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sweet to Romantic Dutch Fishtail Braid Accented Styles | Valentines Day Hair

Happy Valentines Day my loves! I'm excited to share with you this dutch fishtail braid that I style into two different looks. I'm all about the messy boho chic look, so if you prefer your hair down or up I've got you covered!
The first look is a sweet half up style that is perfect for an everyday accent to your hair even after Valentines Day. When I wear this braid I always get asked how to do it, pulled out fishtail braids are super huge right now! The second look takes the first one and builds on it to make the perfect romantic updo. But don't worry, its probably THE easiest way to put your hair in a bun using a quick technique that I learned recently at a braiding class! I like sharing these styles that can build on top of each other because there is so many ways to wear a braid.

I am really excited that I got to collaborate with MeganMctagget, who shares two looks with you that go from Sexy To Sweet. Both looks build on each other just like the hair styles do. Depending on if your a more natural makeup taste girl, or if you like a bit more drama...she has you covered ;) Head over to her channel and watch the tutorial, and subscribe because she's amazing!

Hope you enjoy this tutorial and please check out my friend Megan's makeup looks!

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