Friday, January 16, 2015

The Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette | Review

After my infatuation with the first Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, I instantly ordered the Semi Sweet palette ($49) when it became available on Sephora. My expectations were of as the first palette. Rich and creamy with gorgeous pigmentation that would soon find the Semi Sweet Bar a place in my heart right next to Chocolate Bar. 

This palette comes with 16 shades that carry warm tones with a single blue shade. This one smells like a delicious candy bar that is has the names of the shades written on the palette, something that the first palette was annoyingly made without! The packaging is pretty much the same but this one is sleeker and not as deep as the last. I would liked to have seen something a bit different in the shadows since the first palette was already a warm tone variety. In comparison to the first palettes packaging, this one seems to mimic the first. Although the quality of the shadows are not as pigmented and amazing as the first. Unfortunately most of the shadows swatch very poorly, there were only three that were pretty but similar to shades I have in other palettes. Pink Sugar (its really just a dusty shimmer) and Blueberry Swirl are two stand out thats that barely make a difference when you try to use them. The colors overall are not impressive at all and not worth the $49!

I can't say I'm extremely excited about the Semi Sweet palette, and I did return this to Sephora. I don't like to hoard things that won't be well loved. Luckily Sephora will accept returns within 60 days of purchasing, this gives you time to figure out if you like your purchase or not. As much as I wanted to really love the Semi Sweet palette, it doesn't cut it for a high quality expectation in my opinion. If you have the palette and maybe feel differently, leave your comment below so I can read it! Not everyone likes/dislikes the same things and I would love to see how you view the new palette!

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