Friday, January 23, 2015

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette | Review + Swatches

When you want a limited edition pallete really bad, sometimes you stay on the computer fighting an overloaded server for 3 hours. Thats what happened New Years day when this hot baby launched at 12am on the Morphe Brushes website. Mass chaos of thousands of fans trying to get their hands on the Jaclyn Hills Favorites palette. Some succeeded, like me after waiting 3 hours for a few pages to load, some did not and the palette was sold out. Fortunately Morphe Brushes announced on their -->instagram<-- that they will be restocking this palette so everyone can have a chance to purchase the Jaclyn Hills Favorites in February. The said to follow them on instagram, stock it if you want it, and they will notify their customers when it is available again! Don't worry you still have a chance to get this, which is why I'm reviewing it for you today!

This was my first purchase from Morphe Brushes, and my first time trying out any of their shadows. I've always heard good things about the shadows and most everything else they have. So I jumped at my chance to try out multiple shadow finishes in palette form. Also, very excited for Jaclyn Hills collaboration and that she was able to create her own custom palette because her makeup taste is unique with the shades she normally wears. Her warm browns and orange tones set her apart, oh and did I mention her magical blending powers? Haha! I'm pretty happy with the quality, pigmentation, formulas, and longevity in these shadows. I'm going to leave most of my input and review in the video, but I do have picture swatches so you can see at first glance if this is something you'd be interested in!

I hope you enjoy this review, and remember that my opinions are always how I feel and I hope to share with you my feelings so that you have a reliable source for what you could add to your makeup collection! And if your not into wanting the whole palette, these are not limited edition shades so you can buy them in pan form and make your own palette!

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