Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Jessica's Balayage Ombre Hair Makeover

After the fad of the dramatic ombres that took the hair color world by storm, we now see a softer version called the sombre. A mix between the ombre and highlights, giving us a gorgeous grown out or sun kissed color that is complimentary and easy to grow with. Another word for this look is more of a technical term that is really a technique called balayage. This is a free hand painting technique that allows stylist to place exactly where they want to see colors.

I like to use a number of tools to achieve this process. Foils, boards, and multiple brushes. The foils allow me to section off color and keep it separate from the hair I don't want to color, and makes it easier to speed up the color and wash in sections as they process at different times. The board lets me go more free hand and quickly lay down colors while letting me see exactly were each section falls. 
My color brushes are normally two sizes. A basic one to lay down the largest amount of color, and a small one to feather color up where I want smaller streaks. 

Jessica came in with virgin hair that hasn't been cut in months. She wants to work on going lighter and even possibly putting in lavender down the road. Today we worked on the first phase. Step one, HAIR CUT! This girl needed a trim and a good one at that. I shaped up her length with a nice semi choppy line so it did't look like Dora the Explorer. Then cut into the layers for soft movement, and framed her gorgeous face. I love face framing layers on long hair because it opens the front of your hair to give more details and softens the harsh line that can drag down your face.
Before☝& After

For color, I lightened all her ends and brought up strategic pieces to add some lighter streaks at the top. We focused her light areas to the ends mainly. Then I made it a bit brighter around her face, because most people tend to like it brighter around the face. This lifted it to a not so attractive orange blonde shade, typical if your lifting hair from such a dark level. To balance the color out and make it more caramel/beige, I toned it with a favorite ashy neutral gloss to cancel out the unwanted tone and give it a gorgeous shine. 

Overall her first phase was a gorgeous success! Jessica looks like a sexy bombshell and will be a head turner with her awesome makeover. The most important thing to remember when lightening the hair is to be patient and do it in stages. You may want lighter hair, but you don't want to risk damaging your hair to a point where its completely compromised. Thats why Jessica and I had a consultation before we even did her hair. That way she could share with me what she wanted and I could recommend to her the best way to go about it and what to expect during that process. Not all hair color can be achieved in one appointment. And above all I want my clients to leave the salon with healthy hair! I can't wait to continue this process and work with my gorgeous client on her "blonding journey!"

Monday, December 29, 2014

DIY Upholstered Tufted Headboard

Let me just start with how thankful I am to have a husband thats handy with tools, and likes to help me. God knew that I would need someone to literally build my dreams...in this case a headboard. I looked around on Pinterest for a while to find the perfect headboard, and finally found this DIY post by Kelly on her blog View Along the Way. She has a great breakdown of how she made her bed step by step. I used her plan for the headboard part because it was what I was looking for, click on the link above to see exactly what she did and that I copied. Then I mixed in another DIY by adding the covered buttons that I've seen on other headboards, you can find a DIY about that on the Thrift Decor Chick's blog here.

All of the pictures above show you how I followed the DIY project with the addition of legs because our bed is tall so we needed to have something to screw onto our already existing bed frame. 
Below I'm showing you how I pre planned for the buttons I will be adding. My husband and I measured where we wanted to place the buttons, marked them with a pen, then drilled the marks through the wood using a 1/4in drill bit. Big enough to get a larger sewing needle through.

After finishing the frame we added the fabric parts just like the DIY called for. 
I then made my own covered buttons, you can purchase the kit to do this in different sized buttons. Its really quite easy. Then my mom and I fed through dental floss (yes thats right, my mom said it would be perfect for it because a lot of industrial thread is similar) in the hole out through the button and then back through the hole and tied it. I used another cheap button, larger then the hole drilled, to anchor the floss to.  Giving us a beautifully done button detail.
The last step was to apply the nail strip which was much easier then it looks. I did mine 3 inches away from the side and got decorative nails to anchor it down rather then the ones in the actual kit. 

Here it is all said and done. I'm so proud of our hard work and thankful for a great DIY to follow. We will always to be ones to make our own decor when we can, and this is a great example for people to see that you can find something that costs around $2,000-$5,000 and make it for around $150-$500. The trick is to utilize stores like Michael's, Joann's Fabric, and Hobby Lobby because they offer weekly sales and store coupons which can further lessen the cost of materials. I lucked out and got my pretty fabric on a huge discount and only paid $13 for 6 yards which is SUPER cheap if you've ever bought fabric before! Over all we paid about $150 for the head board. My husband also made our bed frame because we got a Sleep Number mattress and needed something special to sit the mattress on. The frame he made cost around $150. So together this whole bed cost us around $300, an insane savings for a custom made bed. The pillows, quilt, and blanket all came from Home Good Store.
Thank you so much for reading and if you've liked the way my headboard turned out please check out the DIY link above and make one for yourself. You can tell your hubby its all my fault that his project list just got bigger ;)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lime Crime | Velvetines | Swatches

After finding Lime Crime on Instagram I became quickly obsessed with these cult lip products. Doe Deere, owner and face of Lime Crime, has some gorgeous shades in her Velvetine ($20) line, and I want to share the ones I own with you.

Just a quick description of these lipsticks. Each one is basically straight pigment meaning that what you see is what you get. They are about as vibrant and pigmented as a sharpie on white paper would be. They go on in a liquid state which sets up your lips for insane perfection and a velvet look once dried. As they dry they become completely matte. So matte and long-lasting that I could wear them all day and only have to touch up the very center of my lips when I eat. Is it magic? I think so! I've never worn a lipstick and had it last as long and look as beautiful as the Velvetines!

Top swatch shows it while its still drying.
Bottom swatch shows when its completely dry.
Black Velvet, Utopia, Pink Velvet, Suede-berry, Wicked, Salem. ( I have Red Velvet but for some reason it did'nt get swatched...lol oops!)

Top picture shows me trying to rub it off...with minor alteration to the lipstick!
Bottom shows after rubbing with MACs face wipes...still holding on.

 Some times all it takes is one swatch and its love at first sight! This soft but touch lipstick is the meaning of long-lasting and gorgeous! I can't wait to se the new colors Cashmere and Pansy soon! If you find them sold out on her website, you can also find them at the Urban Outfitters stores and on their website! I'll do a video collection on them and my purple tube lipsticks when I do! What Lime Crime colors do you own?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Warm Holiday Makeup | Featuring Makeup Geek & ColourPop Shadow

When I think of holiday time I think of warm fuzzy things. Hot coco, cozy fireplaces, family gatherings, big smiles, so I created this look to further make you feel warm ;)
This tutorial features two of my favorite brands, Makeup Geek and ColourPop! With four main shadows you can make this blown out eye look that is perfect for your holiday gatherings. Hope you enjoy this my loves!

Products Used:
Revlon ColorStay Foundation
Rouge Bunny Rouge Fine Spun Light Wand
Frankie Rose Foundation Powder
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in blonde
MAC Waterproof Brow Set in Quite Brunett
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
Makeup Geek; Creme Brule, Coco Bear
ColourPop; Sequin, On The Rocks
MAC Brule
Lorac Pro Pen Eyeliner
Makeup Geek Corrupt
Makeup Forever Smokey Extravagant Mascara
Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzer in At Goldcombe Bay
Silla Creme Blush in Peony
MAC Soft and Gentle
 Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Powder
MAC Modesty Lipstick

Monday, December 15, 2014

XOBeauty Makeup Brush Set Review | Essential Set, Face Set, & Eye Set

As a professional makeup artist I know that makeup can obviously be very pretty, but without the right tools even the prettiest look can be hard to achieve. I've been searching for the right makeup brushes to complete my kit and have looked up multiple brands to compare brushes. After seeing one of my favorite youtubers, Shaaanxo, come out with her own brush line called XOBeauty I decided that was the line I wanted to invest in. She has 4 sets of brushes, and out of these four I ordered 3. 

The first one I share in my review is the 12 piece Essentials set ($100, broken down this makes each brush approximately $8.33 each). This comes with selected face and eye brushes in a roll out brush holder. I talk about each brush in detail in the video to give you a good idea of the individual brushes. Over all I love this set and comparing it to other brands like Sigma, this one has beautiful quality and a great competitive price. 

The second set is the 4 piece Face set ($80, broken down this makes each brush approximately $20 each). This comes with four synthetic kabuki face brushes. I'm extremely happy with these brushes and the quality of the bristles. The different tops to these kabukis make any type of liquid, cream, or powder products apply with ease. It feels like a super soft bunny tail with the perfect amount of density for applying liquid makeup. I like that when I apply my Revlon Color Stay foundation I don't have to use a lot because the brush applies the product without soaking it all up. I might even dare to say it takes less then my beauty blender sponge! Perfect for a girl who likes her options!

The last set I talk about it the 4 piece Eye set ($50, broken down this makes each brush approximately $12.50 each). These synthetic brushes can be used with powered, cream, and liquids. Meaning that the can be used with our shadows, cream shadows, concealer, and eye primers. In the video I mention that the only thing disappointing about this set it the lack of a medium sized blending brush. I would liked to have seen a S/M/L size of brushes because any time I'm doing detailed work on the lid I want something a tool that can lay color exactly where I want it and this set doesn't offer anything smaller then a large blending styled brush. 

As an overall look at the brushes I'm very happy with the XOBeauty line. The makeup brushes are super soft and luxurious feeling with perfectly packed bristles. I haven't seen any shedding or weird discoloration from and products. Investing in makeup brushes can be a scary thing to purchase, especially when you can touch and see them for yourself in person. I would like to see them come out with a larger assortment with more choices because there are a few brushes that I would like to get which aren't in her line yet. But like all good things they take time and I know that you can't come out with everything at once! If your in the market for brushes, I suggest you take a look at her online store and see these gorgeous brushes for yourself...and maybe if you give a good hint Santa might make a last minute purchase and put them under your tree :D

Friday, December 12, 2014

❄Christmas Giveaway❄ | Handbag, makeup, skin care, & more | OPEN

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! I'm always so excited about the holiday season and love to give out presents to family and friends. Today I'm giving away a gift to one of my gorgeous subscribers! Each one was hand picked by myself and contain my favorite goodies that I wanted to share with you! All the rules and prizes are laid out below so you can easily enter to win and share with others to have them enter as well. I love all of you so much and wish you the best Christmas! Remember that its not about what we can get this season, but of the One who came to save this world. Thats the real reason for this season, baby Jesus born in a manger to be the King of kings!

Isaiah 7:14
Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel

Forrest Green Handbag/Clutch
NYX Turn the Other Cheek Palette
Whitening Lightning- Whitener Pen, Brow Bar to Go, Lipgloss in Figi
Maybelline Vivids Lipstick in Pink Pop
Glass Earrings
Precious Stone Bangle
Crystal Necklace
Black Cosmetic Bag
Murad- Cleanser, Ance Treatment, & Broad Spectrum Moisturizer
Gray Infinity Scarf

1. Must be subscribed to my youtube channel, I will be choosing out of one of my subscribers!
2. Tell me in the comments (on the youtube video) what your favorite holiday memory is!
3. Giveaway will run Friday December the 12th till Friday Decemeber the 19th 12:AM. The winner will be announced that Friday here on this video, then emailed on their youtube account email. You must reply within 48 hours to claim your gift!
4. You must be 18 years or older, or get your parents permission because I will need your address to send this to you!
5. Must live in the USA.

Please be kind, there will only be one winer and any negative comments will be removed and/or blocked. I'm here to share a little Christmas Cheer, not to have an open platform for people to talk negatively to each other. Thank you so much, and good luck my mermaids!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Margaery Tyrell Crown Rope Braid | G.O.T. Series

Back to the Game of Thrones hair series, today I'm sharing the inspired look of Margaery Tyrell. This is a semi easy look that can be worn this holiday season to dress up any outfit. I love using my extensions to add thickness to braids because a fat braid is always better! Some times the secret to these looks is adding in the extensions to make it look the part. See how I do this in the tutorial!

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