Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Surprisingly Easy ♛ Boho Bun

Not all buns are created equal. Some can be extremely complicated which makes the person wanting to style their own hair feel defeated. But don't worry, this bun is for you hun! While it may look hard to do, this is actually a quick and effortless way to wear a messy bun. I love anything that requires less hassle and can make me feel good. Then all you need is a fun necklace and you are set ;)
Hope you enjoy!

Monday, August 25, 2014


I finally indulged in a tantalizing Lush Haul! Now that I have a bath tub I can actually use the famed bath bombs! I got a few fun things from Lush that I talk about in my haul. I wanted to share these adorable treats because so many asked about it in my Instagram post. I'm going to leave it to my video to share with you my shopping experience and haul, while below is a description paraphrasing from the website what I got.

Avobath Bomb $6.35 | This lemongrass scented bomb fizzes you into a better mood. The shimmering green water bathes you in fresh avocado and olive oil to soften you up and leave you with soft supple skin that shines a bit brighter. This was my very first bath bomb, and I've got to say that after work last night I really needed it. I feel like its a great introduction to a relaxing bath experience and really energized and refreshed my skin and senses. Sometimes you need a pick me up, and this was right up my ally!

Dragons Egg Ballistic Bath Bomb $6.25 | A sherbet citrus scent of lemon and bergamot. This bath bomb fizzes, pops, curls, and ends with a glitter explosion! The lemon helps to uplift you while it also tones and refreshes the skin.

The Brightside Bubble Bar $10.95 | This beautiful sunset of orange and yellow is almost to pretty to use! When you put it under your faucet it instantly creates a hypnotizing swirl. Citrus oil brighten and tone the skin while under a sea of bubbles.

Buffy 3.3oz $11.95 (& Tin $3.95)  | This tough body bar exfoliates your skin with ground rice, almonds, and beans to slough away dry skin. What I love about this bar is that I use this at the end of my shower and when your done simply rinse off the exfoliating bits. Your skin is left seriously moisturized with cocoa and shea butter. I love this bar!

Ocean Salt 120gr. $21.95 | This sea salt concoction scrubs away dirt and dead skin while fresh avocado and coconut oil hydrates and conditions. It also features lime and vodka to tackle black heads and blemishes to leave the skin visibly brighter. Plus it smells like a margarita!

No Drought 4.6oz $13.95 | This dry shampoo is a powder that you shake into your hair. Using corn flower as an absorbent of excess oils this shampoo blends into your hair and completely disappears...along with the oil. It also releases the fresh scent of grapefruit, lime, and lemon to give your hair a fruity fresh smell.  

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School | Fishtail Braid | Great for Dirty Hair

Here is a hairstyle for all my mermaids that are going back to school! Really I think most of my hair tutorials I upload are mermaid worthy...but this one is especially good :)! Why is it so good? Because its great for when you wake up with crazy bed head and dirty hair. All you need is a bit of dry shampoo, my secret weapon, and a few minutes. 

This is a fishtail braid done a bit differently to create more interest and fun then the regular french braid most girls wear. Lets get creative girls! Have at it!

Monday, August 18, 2014


This was my first "box subscription" I've ever received, and something that is so much fun! I purchased my first Cult Cosmetics box a few months back and got the Spring Fling ($18) kit, I also purchased the Modern Matte ($5) top coat on its own. The price of each box varies as wells what comes in each Blackbox kit. If you want to buy the nail polish by itself they are $10. Lets dive in to what I got!

 I was really impressed with the adorable packaging and the overall look of their product. The kit includes two polishes Hollywood Forever & Belmont Shore, Cult makeup brush set, & a BH Cosmetics Eye Crayon in Crystal. I think the square glass bottle is so adorable and very trendy. Something I wouldn't mind to display on a shelf or vanity. The pink polish is very pigmented and wears beautifully. The opalescent glow flakes are a great way to add a bit more interest to any flat color, something that can be added on top of any shade! The makeup brush kit was very cheap which was honestly just tossed into the garbage. The BH eye crayon was a pretty shade but I would rather something more exciting. 

I had sent them an email to review more boxes and they sent me two which includes the rest of the polishes shown. In my opinion I really love the polish, but the few things that come with the kit could really benefit from getting better product. I have seen a few of their newer boxes which come with more polishes or nail art tools which would have made my boxes much better. I know that their brand is growing and as they do grow their boxes will get better. I will probably benefit more from purchasing the polish by its self. 

Melrose Place | Super hybrid metallic silver
Sunset Blvd. | Super hybrid metallic gold
Hollywood Forever | Multi-dementional opalescent glow flakes
Catalina | Milky Bue with slight purple undertone
Hermosa Beach | Bright hot pink with red undertone
Belmont Shore | Candy pop milky bubblegum pink
Modern Matte (not pictured) | Mattifying clear topcoat

Friday, August 8, 2014

Back to School ✎ | Lace Dutch Braid

This year I'm starting my "Back to School" ideas with this easy and very quick lace braid. I love wearing braids because my hair can be in the biggest mess and still look put together. I remember running late in high school when it was a thirty minute drive to school. That's not something you want to cut short. Blazing though neighborhoods isn't something I'd recommend to do, so to cut out time getting ready I'd resort to easy styles like this one. 

This is a classic dutch braid that only adds hair from one side making it a laced dutch braid. Don't worry about the exotic name, you'll see what I'm saying in the tutorial. The end of the braid gets even simpler using the 3 strand technique and finishing your hair in less then 5 minutes...if you know how to braid! :)

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and if you have any questions or requests please let me know!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

☼ July Favorites ☼

This month is all about pinks and neutrals. In the summer I don't wear much other then light shadow and fun lipsticks. My beach tan distracts me from putting on more makeup and keeps me happy like a girl going to the beach. 

I hope everyones July was amazing, summer is coming to an end for some of you. Now its time for back to school shopping and cute new clothes! Fortunately for us Californians, we get to enjoy summer on into early October. I'll be hanging out enjoying the beach breeze and sending chill vibes your way! ;)

Products Mentioned:
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
MAC Face & Body
Nyx Liquid Illuminator in Gleam
Gerard Cosmetics BB+ Illumination
Frankie Rose Powder in Buff
Urban Decay De-Slick Spray
Maybelliene Hi-Light in Deep Bronze
Sigma Duo Fiber Brush (coupon below)
MAC Lipstick in So Chaud & Cream Cup
Gerard Cosmetics in Butter Cream (coupon below)
Revlon Miss Magna Mascara
Essence Volume Mascara
Sephora Lash Curler in Gold
Hot Tools Deep Waver
Bath & Body Works Candle in Beach Grass

Monday, August 4, 2014

Frankie Rose Cosmetics | Matte Foundation

I'm very picky with what I put on my face, as well as what I use in my makeup kit for clients. Foundation has the power to beautifully blend skin to a glowing perfection...or take all your fine lines and dark spots and use them against you. When I tried Frankie Rose Matte Perfecting Foundation ($32) I was instantly interested when I saw the sleek MAC-like packaging. We all know I'm a sucker for a pretty presentation! The bottle is a frosted glass which is very durable and comes with a matte black pump and holds 1fl oz. I love when my foundation comes with a pump, keeps the product waste at a minimum and makes the application very easy.

Wearing a mix of 103 + 106
As I used the foundation on my own skin, which is naturally combination to very oily in the T-zone, I came to find that this foundation is quite a balanced finish. Its a liquid formula that is very creamy and easily blended with your fingers or brush. To explain the consistency of the foundation I would explain it like this; the product is very satin and hydrating as you blend it into your skin as it creates a thin layer that dries to a matte finish. I would say the coverage is a medium to a buildable (you can layer this foundation over itself to build up coverage) full coverage. I was able to meet Sarah the creator and owner of Frankie Rose and I asked her about this foundation because I tend to break out with certain face products and she said that she did as well and actually formulated the foundation to be great for acne prone skin. Such a comfort to us sensitive skin people. As it wears the product stay well on your skin and keeps its cloaking ability for a long wearing coverage. The shades come in 9 levels which the company generously can help you find your exact match. Simply send them an email with the shade that you think will match you and they will send you a sample of that shade as well as the lighter and darker shade next to it so you can find your match!

I'm so happy to have basically run into this foundation by chance and been able to see its gorgeous results! This is on my must have list and I use it from everyday to my beautiful brides! You can get your own Matte Perfecting Foundation online at!

China Silk f101 | Cappuccino f106 | Carmel f107 | Medium Deep 7108 | Coco Beauty f109

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pulled Out Dutch Braid | Mermaid Style

Sometimes summer adventures call for an easy way to style your hair. I love wearing braids because of how cute they look with any outfit. Whether your hair is clean or 5 days dirty, this is the perfect braid to get out the door in a hurry. 

I added Luxury For Princess extensions to create extra volume to the braid. This is completely optional, and can really make your braid stand out! Hope you enjoy this tutorial.

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