Monday, July 28, 2014

Gerard Cosmetics Lighted Lipglosses | Review

Whitening Lightening just launched their cosmetic label Gerard Cosmetics a few months ago. In that brand they carried over the coveted LED lip glosses ($24) that have glossed the lips of many youtube gurus. Everything from the packaging to color payoff is the same, they have simply created their own brand for makeup. I've already done a review on the 4 shades I received awhile back, so today I'm sharing with you the ones I've added to my collection. It makes shopping easier when you can see the swatches done in natural lighting on someones skin, just looking at the gloss makes me want to put some on as I write.

Seduction | Vampy deep wine
Pouty Princess | Berry-toned with pink undertone and shimmer
Candy Apple | Classic vibrant red
Summer Sun | Intoxicating warm orange
Rose Hill | Glamorous mid-toned rose designed by Jacklyn Hill
Coral Craze | Pastel nude coral
Butter Cream | The perfect creamy pink nude
Raspberry Sherbert | Vibrant blue-toned pink
Fiji | Milky blue-toned vibrant pink
Pink Tiara | Milky bubblegum pink
Sugar Momma | Delicious pale pink
Nude | The most perfect neutral nude

Their lipglosses are some of my all time favorites and one that I would reccomend to all my readers. Great to wear alone or over your favorite lipstick for added color and shine. Don't forget to use my code ALEXSISMAE to get a discount on your order! Which shade is your favorite?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Victorias Secret Makeup | Candice Swanepoel

Because I haven't really felt like working this week (explanation below) I put together a soft sexy makeup look inspired by Candice Swanepoel in the Victorias Secret campaigns. This is a very light look that is focused on glowing skin. I hope you all enjoy!

Products Used:
Benefit Porefessional Primer
EX1 Foundation in F200
Gerard Cosmetics BB Illumination Creme
Frankie Rose Our Little Secret Concealer in Fresh
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick in 330
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Maybelline Master Highlight in Deep Bronze
ELF HD Blush in Headliner
The Balm Mary-Loumanizer
Anastasia Drowdip Pomade in Blonde
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded
The Balm Nude'Tude Shadow Palette
MAC Fix +
Sephora Lash Curler
Essence Maximum Definition Mascara
ELF Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in French Lace
Ulta Lipliner in Flesh
Victorias Secret Lipstick in Incognito

Last week was a hard one for myself and my family. My dad went into the ER then ICU on Thursday because of a mouth infection. Luckily the doctors took it seriously and were able to get him on antibiotics and tackle the swelling and infection. Then on Friday I was called by my little brother and rushed home to find that my baby girl chihuahua was found motionless. On the way to the emergency clinic she suffered a heart attack and passed away right in my arms. You never realize exactly how much your going to miss your fur baby until they are no longer with you. I'm one of those people who view the family pet as part of the family, so loosing Sheila is like loosing a part of my family. She was the biggest diva who picked and chose who she liked. But when she did like you she would smother you in erratic kisses. Her crazy personality will be widely missed by everyone who got to be licked by my larger then life dog. I'm so thankful to all of you who have sent their love to me and have shared their stories of loosing your own fur babies. My heart goes out to all of you!

Monday, July 21, 2014

White Maxi Dress

In the summer I love wearing outfits that are comfortable while in the heat, as well as looking like I effortlessly threw it all together. This white maxi dress is the perfect example of easy dressing. Add a few items of jewelry like this silver coin necklace with a pair of wedges and you've instantly created a great day out look. 
Shopping at local boutiques is a great place to find cute clothes that you'll be less likely to see on someone else. This dress and necklace was from my new found favorite, Love and Laundry Boutique. I follow them on Instagram @loveandlaundryboutique to keep up with all their new shipments as well as when they have any sales. Thats a great idea to do for all your stores so you can shop smart and find out what they have before driving over. 

Hope your week finds you well!


Friday, July 18, 2014

☀ Bathing Suit Collection ☀

Hello summer! I am ready to put on my SPF, get into a cute bikini, and hit the beach! Who's with me? If your wondering what my bikini collection is like, this is a video featuring all my favorite ones with a good idea of where you can get the same or similar styles! Theres nothing like feeling comfortable and cute in the right suit! I hope you enjoy my summer taste, and check out the links below to shop my collection!

Bathing Suits shown in order:
Vintage Pushup Bandeau with Green Accent Top- Victorias Secret *NEW
Pink Cheeky Ruffle Bottoms- Victorias Secret *NEW
Cheetah Print String Bikini Set- Victorias Secret (similar)
Milti-Color Paisly Print Halter Top- Victorias Secret
Ruched Hipkini Bottoms (Aqua Reef)- Victorias Secret
Ruched Hipkini Bottoms (Coral Blaze)- Victorias Secret
Triangle Top Coral and White Pattern- Target (similar)
White Double String Bikini Bottoms- Target (similar)
Navy Triangle top with Floral Embroidering- Target
Navy & White Stripe Triangle Top- Target
Navy Bottoms with Stripe String Ties- Target (similar / choice 2)
White Ruffle Triangle Top- Target
Turquoise Caged Top- Issa De' Mar
Black Criss Cross Back Top- Issa De' Mar
Magenta Cheetah Print Bottoms- Surf Shop
Black Bandeau with Sheer Layer- Victorias Secret (similar)
Grace Blue Full Coverage Bandeau- Victorias Secret
Green with White Polkadots Set- Victorias Secret (similar)
Halter Bandeau with Large Orange and Purple Floral Print & Jewels- Victorias Secret
Halter Bandeau with Blue and Green Floral Print- Target
Blue and White Marble Bandeau with Beading & Jewels Set- Victorias Secret
Paisly Print with Coral Accent Vintage Pushup Bandeau- Victorias Secret (similar)
Multi-Color Dot Print Pushup Top- Victorias Secret/ Choice 2
White Pushup Top- Victorias Secret (similar)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Milani Gel Eyeshadows | SWATCHES

Milani just launched their new line of shadows called the Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow ($3.99). The line is available in 30 shades and 3 finishes; satin matte, shimmer, and iridescent metallic! Contrary to what the name suggests, these shadows feel like an ordinary powder shadow. It doesn't have a squishy texture or a gel/cream consistency. I think the little dip in the middle of the shadow led buyers to believe it was squishy gel-like texture. Haha, we are suckers. Let's get into the shades and then I'll conclude with my thoughts on these new gel shadows.

Diamond- shimmering white | Chiffon- shimmering off white | Rose- shimmer light pink

Mandarin-light orange satin matte | Fuchsia- fuchsia pink satin matte

Cobolt- cobolt blue satin matte | Navy- navy blue satin matte | Purple- rich purple satin matte

Taupe- taupe brown satin matte | Espresso- dark brown satin matte | Gray- light gray satin matte | Black- deep black satin matte

Sky- shimmering light blue | Violet- shimmering violet purple | Pink- shimmering pink | Khaki- shimmering dark brown | Emerald- shimmering emerald green

Gold- gold metallic sheen | Copper- copper metallic sheen | Bronze- bronze metallic sheen

Silver- silver metallic sheen | Teal- teal metallic sheen | Rouge- red metallic sheen

Sand- shimmering beige | Champagne- shimmering champagne pink | Charcoal- shimmering dark charcoal

White- bright white satin matte | Ivory- ivory satin matte | Cappuccino- light red brown satin matte | Caffe- light brown satin matte

After swatching and using the shadows a bit I got to see the pigmentation of each shadow. I am really impressed by how saturated they are, and extreamly happy with how easily they blend. When you glide  your finger across the shadow they get really creamy and pick up a ton of color! Not each shadow is equally pigmented though because of the different finishes. Since they offer multiple finishes it give you a well rounded palette for almost any eye look. I really enjoy how great the dark shadows look, that can be a hard one to keep saturated but the work fairly well. Each swatch was done on my bare skin, so imagine what a primer or mixer would do to these shadows! You can mix this to make it wet with products like MAC Fix+ to give the metallics an amazing wet look!

I'm really happy to say that Milani hit this one out of the park! Drugstore shadows aren't known to be the best quality, but these new Gel Shadows will quickly give drugstore shadows a better name. I wouldn't say they are in leage with shadows like Urban Decay, but they are they only drugstore shadows I've honestly ever liked.

Let me know if you've tried them and which colors you love or want to purchase!

☆Beachy Hair │ DEEP WAVER☆

Girls that have naturally wavy hair are so lucky aren't they? I have always envied the ones who have texture and can wash their hair, throw a few products in, and it look really cute. So because we all don't have the natural beach waves, this tutorial will show you how to achieve that look!

This whole style is based off the Hot Tools Deep Waver. It is an amazing giant crimping tool that has been modified to give you the best "artificial" waves for an effortless effect. Not even a wand can do this natural looking of a wave. It also creates great volume and lasted 4 days without restyling in my hair! That's a long freaking time! Haha, don't worry I used dry shampoo.

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and have fun tousling your beachy hair!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Milani Nail Laquers | SWATCHES

Holy cow! Talk about nail polish galore! I walked out my door the other day and found a box from Milani, they sent me the entire new line of polish and shadows! So this post will be swatches and a mini review on what I think of the polishes. I'm just going to dive into swatches and after what I think about them.


 Each laquer was painted with two coats, and without a base or top coat so you could see the raw polish by itself. Lets just excuse my poor excuse for nails... :(! I have to say the formula is just as amazing as OPI, and packs a punch when it comes to color saturation. I was really surprised by shades like Mint Crush and Doll Face because usually the milky colors like that are so sheer you have to layer them a million times to ever come close to the color wanted. They polishes finish come in sheer, cream, and metallic. The finish was a beautiful match to what each finish should be. They have a great shine without even using a top coat and are easily applied and dried.

As I wore the polish for a week (doing multiple shampoos at the salon) they stayed much better then China Glaze and other lesser brands. I would compare them right along with Butter London and OPI!
You can find these wherever Milani is sold and online!

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