Friday, February 28, 2014

February ☼ Favorites

February has been a fun yet stressful month. One of those months where you feel like there isn't enough time in the day. Moving into March I'm ready for Daylight Savings, I'm a morning girl so it won't kill me to wake up when it's dark. Longer days mean that spring is right around the corner. 
This month I've tried a few new products that I am loving, as well as rediscovered products with the anticipation of a new season. Don't forget to check them out on my Luvocracy to get the exact products I talk about. Until next month!

Products Mentioned:
Luvocracy List
Twisted Silver Battalion Necklace
Twisted Silver Muscle Bracelet
Victorias Secret Tee Shirts (can't find online, sorry)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

★15 Ways to Style Your Bangs★

If your going through the annoying process of growing out your bangs, you can easily run out of cute ways to style them and end up doing the same thing every day.  Or if you're like me and sometimes want the hair out of your face, tucking it behind the ears doesn't look very creative. This video shares 15 cute ways that I love to style my bangs! Everything from super simple ideas to more advanced braiding techniques. Perfect for work, school, mom on the go, kids, and events.
 I hope you like this tutorial and let me know which style is your favorite!

Monday, February 24, 2014

♥The Perfect Palette TAG♥

Time to take on the palette tag! This is exactly how it sounds, you've probably seen it done before. I share with you the palettes that go to the questions of this tag. Here are the questions and my answers:

1. Best Packaging- Kay Von D Spellbinding Book 
2. Best Color Payoff- Urban Decay
3. Most Versatile- Urban Decay Naked Palette
4. Best for Traveling- Z Palette
5. Biggest Regret- NYX Wicked Dreams
6. Best Shade Names- Stila In the Light
7. Least Used- TIGI Palette 
8. Most Used-Stila In the Know
9. Most Loved & Desert Island- Lorac Pro Palette

Check out my video to see why these palettes made it to my Palette Tag list!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Get Ready with Me ♥ Beautymaker Awards 2014

The Roosevelt Hotel in West Hollywood held the Third Annual Beautymaker Awards (2014), hosted by BE! Entertainment Magazine. This was one of the first locations that the Academy Awards was hosted at! The BMA's honors the top runway collections, platform artists, salon teams, and salon products. This is the award you want to win if you work in the beauty industry! Top stylists like Angus Mitchell, Louis Orozco, and Philip Wilson were in attendance. 

A group of girls representing the salon I work for and a professional beauty supply company got together at our salon and took a limo up to West Hollywood. We had such a great time and enjoyed mingling with the rockstars in our industry. I wanted to do this vlog video so you can see what a bit of what its like, and to enjoy this fun event with me!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Foundation Showdown: MAC Pro Longwear vs Revlon Colorstay

 Ladies and gents its time for a real life showdown! On one side is the high end and well known professional makeup brand MAC who's Pro Longwear foundation creates a tough challenge. On the other side is Revlon Colorstay, a drugstore foundation that could quite possibly be know as an underdog when it comes to promising foundations. I've used both of these products for a number of months and feel like a honest review and comparison will help you to decide which would be better for you! Let's see who proves their point and who won't be going back on my face! I'm going to keep most of my thoughts in the video but here are my key points on the two competing products.

Glass Packaging with a pump dispenser
Thick creamy consistency, takes work to blend
Heavy feel
Matte finish, not very build able
Wouldn't recommend for dry skin
Wouldn't recommend to acne prone skin
Made me break out terribly

Same glass packaging with screw top
No pump :(
Creamy consistency
Very easy to blend with brush or sponge
Lightweight feel
Matte/Natural finish
Comes in two formulas; normal/dry & combo/oily

My overall opinion is that MAC's foundation is too thick and doesn't finish the way I would like it to. It also makes my skin break out, which is a big no-no! I really enjoy my Revlon foundation and will continue to use this because it's my holy-grail foundation! 
Watch the video to get the full scoop!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lilla Rose Hair Accessories

In my recent video I shared with you some cute hair accessories that were sent to me by Tori who is a Consultant for Lilla Rose. They make gorgeous and unique hair accessories such as the flexi clip. I'm always up to try new hair accessories so I got a few of their items to review.
I was surprised by the adorable packaging when I got my mail. It comes in a purple Lilla Rose mail envelope and inside an adorable paper bag to keep my goodies safe. Packaging is everything. You could have an amazing product but the success depends on your presentation. I was already hooked! In my order I got the Bobby PinsFlexi Clip, & Bead Headband. Let me tell you about these accessories. 

The Stone-Set Cluster bobby pins ($12) are a very beautiful duo of bobby pins set in a round formation decorated with aurora borealis stones. The stones have multiple colors in the light which makes them perfect for every outfit. These bobby pins are not like your normal ones that will slip out of your hair, these pins hold so well and are very durable! 

The Divinely Framed Jewel Flexi ($13) is a unique new clip idea, I got the XS but they come in many different sizes. Lilla Rose invented this to be comfortable and yet strong so it could hold your hair while still looking pretty. In my opinion, this is a very durable pin that adjusts to how much hair your holding and its a better option then all the clips I've seen.

The last thing I got is the Smokey Topaz Bead Headband ($19), and probable one of my favorites. This headband is designed with a comfort adjustable fabric back so it can fit any head size without hurting your scalp. Most of my headbands dig into my head and even leave dents, not what I want on my head all day long. Thank you Lilla Rose for an ingenious thought!

My overall opinion on these products is that they are very well made, thought out, comfortable, and pretty. I would love to see more designs come into play so that there is a larger variety, but I think there is a nice amount of choices that you can find something to go with your style. You can see them in action on my tutorialIf you would like to order your own contact Tori on her store page and grab yourself a few accessories!
Thank you Tori for sending me these goodies!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Gray-Brown Smokey Eyes ❤ Twisted Chignon

Friday night I got in a new lighting set that I've been dying to use. I don't do a lot of makeup related demos and tutorials because my lighting hasn't been what I'd like to film with. Now I have the appropriate lights and can start to show you more makeup looks in the future!
For my first tutorial with new lighting I did a smokey gray look with gorgeous brown undertones. Since the Naked 3 palette came out there has been a flood of pink toned Valentines looks, so I wanted to show something different. You can skip the false lashes and wear your natural ones, but I figured I was uploading this before Valentines day so I added the dramatic lashes for fun. This sultry shadow is worn with a twisted chignon updo for a more romantic classy style. 
I hope you enjoy the tutorial and let me know your thoughts on my new lighting!!!

Products Mentioned:
Big Sexy Hair Powder Play
Paul Mitchell Soft Brush
Paul Mitchell Teasing Brush
Paul Mitchell Hair Spray


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