Monday, December 15, 2014

XOBeauty Makeup Brush Set Review | Essential Set, Face Set, & Eye Set

As a professional makeup artist I know that makeup can obviously be very pretty, but without the right tools even the prettiest look can be hard to achieve. I've been searching for the right makeup brushes to complete my kit and have looked up multiple brands to compare brushes. After seeing one of my favorite youtubers, Shaaanxo, come out with her own brush line called XOBeauty I decided that was the line I wanted to invest in. She has 4 sets of brushes, and out of these four I ordered 3. 

The first one I share in my review is the 12 piece Essentials set ($100, broken down this makes each brush approximately $8.33 each). This comes with selected face and eye brushes in a roll out brush holder. I talk about each brush in detail in the video to give you a good idea of the individual brushes. Over all I love this set and comparing it to other brands like Sigma, this one has beautiful quality and a great competitive price. 

The second set is the 4 piece Face set ($80, broken down this makes each brush approximately $20 each). This comes with four synthetic kabuki face brushes. I'm extremely happy with these brushes and the quality of the bristles. The different tops to these kabukis make any type of liquid, cream, or powder products apply with ease. It feels like a super soft bunny tail with the perfect amount of density for applying liquid makeup. I like that when I apply my Revlon Color Stay foundation I don't have to use a lot because the brush applies the product without soaking it all up. I might even dare to say it takes less then my beauty blender sponge! Perfect for a girl who likes her options!

The last set I talk about it the 4 piece Eye set ($50, broken down this makes each brush approximately $12.50 each). These synthetic brushes can be used with powered, cream, and liquids. Meaning that the can be used with our shadows, cream shadows, concealer, and eye primers. In the video I mention that the only thing disappointing about this set it the lack of a medium sized blending brush. I would liked to have seen a S/M/L size of brushes because any time I'm doing detailed work on the lid I want something a tool that can lay color exactly where I want it and this set doesn't offer anything smaller then a large blending styled brush. 

As an overall look at the brushes I'm very happy with the XOBeauty line. The makeup brushes are super soft and luxurious feeling with perfectly packed bristles. I haven't seen any shedding or weird discoloration from and products. Investing in makeup brushes can be a scary thing to purchase, especially when you can touch and see them for yourself in person. I would like to see them come out with a larger assortment with more choices because there are a few brushes that I would like to get which aren't in her line yet. But like all good things they take time and I know that you can't come out with everything at once! If your in the market for brushes, I suggest you take a look at her online store and see these gorgeous brushes for yourself...and maybe if you give a good hint Santa might make a last minute purchase and put them under your tree :D

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