Monday, December 8, 2014

Lorac MEGA Pro Palette | Review

Im a huge fan of the Lorac Pro Palettes, and I was very patient when it came to ordering the Lorac Mega Pro ($60) palette. Because of its horrible launch due to a few buggy scheuling mishaps, I waited until the end of November to actually order my palette off amazon. I haven't shared a review until now because I always like to give it a good test drive before telling you whether or not its worth the money! Unfortunately these palettes apparently came in short supply and can only be found on places like ebay for a ridiculous amount of money and is randomly restocked on amazon. Hopefully Lorac will restock the palette soon since it blew off the shelves in a matter of minutes.

The first two palettes in this series come with two rows of shadows with 16 shades. The top row is all matte, and the bottom row satin/shimmer. This Mega palette comes with double the amount of shades, 16 matte and 16 satin/shimmer. Miss Mega palette shadows are consistent with the first two palettes being a buttery and highly pigmented formula, and have a great selection of natural shades with a few fun jewel tones perfect for the holidays. Only four of the shades; cream, white, espresso, and black have been repeated which leaves us with 28 new colors to play with! And I'm perfectly happy with them adding those colors to the palette again because they are a necessity when doing eye shadow.

Watch my overall opinion and review on the palette in the video, and please let me know how you feel about the Lorac Mega Pro palette if you were able to get your hands on it!

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