Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Jessica's Balayage Ombre Hair Makeover

After the fad of the dramatic ombres that took the hair color world by storm, we now see a softer version called the sombre. A mix between the ombre and highlights, giving us a gorgeous grown out or sun kissed color that is complimentary and easy to grow with. Another word for this look is more of a technical term that is really a technique called balayage. This is a free hand painting technique that allows stylist to place exactly where they want to see colors.

I like to use a number of tools to achieve this process. Foils, boards, and multiple brushes. The foils allow me to section off color and keep it separate from the hair I don't want to color, and makes it easier to speed up the color and wash in sections as they process at different times. The board lets me go more free hand and quickly lay down colors while letting me see exactly were each section falls. 
My color brushes are normally two sizes. A basic one to lay down the largest amount of color, and a small one to feather color up where I want smaller streaks. 

Jessica came in with virgin hair that hasn't been cut in months. She wants to work on going lighter and even possibly putting in lavender down the road. Today we worked on the first phase. Step one, HAIR CUT! This girl needed a trim and a good one at that. I shaped up her length with a nice semi choppy line so it did't look like Dora the Explorer. Then cut into the layers for soft movement, and framed her gorgeous face. I love face framing layers on long hair because it opens the front of your hair to give more details and softens the harsh line that can drag down your face.
Before☝& After

For color, I lightened all her ends and brought up strategic pieces to add some lighter streaks at the top. We focused her light areas to the ends mainly. Then I made it a bit brighter around her face, because most people tend to like it brighter around the face. This lifted it to a not so attractive orange blonde shade, typical if your lifting hair from such a dark level. To balance the color out and make it more caramel/beige, I toned it with a favorite ashy neutral gloss to cancel out the unwanted tone and give it a gorgeous shine. 

Overall her first phase was a gorgeous success! Jessica looks like a sexy bombshell and will be a head turner with her awesome makeover. The most important thing to remember when lightening the hair is to be patient and do it in stages. You may want lighter hair, but you don't want to risk damaging your hair to a point where its completely compromised. Thats why Jessica and I had a consultation before we even did her hair. That way she could share with me what she wanted and I could recommend to her the best way to go about it and what to expect during that process. Not all hair color can be achieved in one appointment. And above all I want my clients to leave the salon with healthy hair! I can't wait to continue this process and work with my gorgeous client on her "blonding journey!"


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