Monday, December 29, 2014

DIY Upholstered Tufted Headboard

Let me just start with how thankful I am to have a husband thats handy with tools, and likes to help me. God knew that I would need someone to literally build my this case a headboard. I looked around on Pinterest for a while to find the perfect headboard, and finally found this DIY post by Kelly on her blog View Along the Way. She has a great breakdown of how she made her bed step by step. I used her plan for the headboard part because it was what I was looking for, click on the link above to see exactly what she did and that I copied. Then I mixed in another DIY by adding the covered buttons that I've seen on other headboards, you can find a DIY about that on the Thrift Decor Chick's blog here.

All of the pictures above show you how I followed the DIY project with the addition of legs because our bed is tall so we needed to have something to screw onto our already existing bed frame. 
Below I'm showing you how I pre planned for the buttons I will be adding. My husband and I measured where we wanted to place the buttons, marked them with a pen, then drilled the marks through the wood using a 1/4in drill bit. Big enough to get a larger sewing needle through.

After finishing the frame we added the fabric parts just like the DIY called for. 
I then made my own covered buttons, you can purchase the kit to do this in different sized buttons. Its really quite easy. Then my mom and I fed through dental floss (yes thats right, my mom said it would be perfect for it because a lot of industrial thread is similar) in the hole out through the button and then back through the hole and tied it. I used another cheap button, larger then the hole drilled, to anchor the floss to.  Giving us a beautifully done button detail.
The last step was to apply the nail strip which was much easier then it looks. I did mine 3 inches away from the side and got decorative nails to anchor it down rather then the ones in the actual kit. 

Here it is all said and done. I'm so proud of our hard work and thankful for a great DIY to follow. We will always to be ones to make our own decor when we can, and this is a great example for people to see that you can find something that costs around $2,000-$5,000 and make it for around $150-$500. The trick is to utilize stores like Michael's, Joann's Fabric, and Hobby Lobby because they offer weekly sales and store coupons which can further lessen the cost of materials. I lucked out and got my pretty fabric on a huge discount and only paid $13 for 6 yards which is SUPER cheap if you've ever bought fabric before! Over all we paid about $150 for the head board. My husband also made our bed frame because we got a Sleep Number mattress and needed something special to sit the mattress on. The frame he made cost around $150. So together this whole bed cost us around $300, an insane savings for a custom made bed. The pillows, quilt, and blanket all came from Home Good Store.
Thank you so much for reading and if you've liked the way my headboard turned out please check out the DIY link above and make one for yourself. You can tell your hubby its all my fault that his project list just got bigger ;)


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