Monday, November 17, 2014

Murad Skin Care Flagship Store Launch | L.A.

November 5th, 2014 marked the opening of Dr. Murads first Murad Skin Care flagship store in the heart of Los Angeles. Dr. Murad treats his skin care line as only one part to a three faceted approach. He believes in Inclusive health which means; through looking better, living better, and feeling better you'll obtain a lifestyle that builds a "younger you!" I applaud Dr. Murad for going past the outward appearance and reaching into what really counts! You can have a pretty face but without a smart lifestyle that all will go to waste. 

I was invited to attend the opening party for the store. As I walked in the 1500sq ft. skin care store front I was so excited to see how much detail and information could be found there. Its not just a place to go buy products, its a see-touch-feel-learn experience that treats and prescribes the best system for your skin. Armed with interactive touch screen systems, you can take a quick quiz about your skin to see what products would be recommended for your concerns. 

Now if you want to take it a step further, see what the Youth Cam can analyze on the surface of your skin as well as what your skin will experience 5-10 years down the road... you're in for a big surprise. I placed my face for the camera to see and found out that later on I could be met with problems like dark spots and fine lines if not treated. What might come as a scare to some people comes as a enlightening insight to know that I can treat my skin so I won't have to worry about that down the road. While addressing your current situation this allows us to turn back the wheel of time and get our future skin the best treatment to combat the aging process. It even gives you a print out of the picture it took with your skin concerns, list of recommended products, and 3 pictures with what to expect down the road. I'm blown away by how Dr. Murad put together the beauty of science and skin to make this incredible machine and system!

I owe it all to this gorgeous lady, Mckenzie. She is my Media Associate and the person who has helped me from the very beginning of my skin care experience with Murad. Mckenzie is such a sweet person who cares about you, your skin, and your well being which is a direct representation of the company and how thoughtful and amazing their company is! So happy to have been apart of the opening of Murad's first storefront!

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