Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Triple Braid Updo | NO HEAT

This weeks tutorial is inspired by "no-heat" styles. The past week I've been trying to minimize the use of heat on my hair, giving my hair a nice break from the damage it can create. Hopefully I might make it another whole week so my hair and get a chance to be free. Haha!

This is a undo that is formed from three braids, and can be styled for anything from a cute tee and boyfriend jeans, to a Sunday dress and heels. I love the versatility of braids, especially because they don't harm my hair! Now if you're new to braiding or its hard for you to braid your own hair, simply try doing 3 normal braids. You won't get the cool effect of the french braided look, but you still will have a gorgeous undo in the back.

I hope you all enjoy this tutorial, and do you have a favorite way of wearing your hair without using heat? Let me know!

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