Monday, October 13, 2014

Milani | Constellation Gel Eyeliners Review

I am a little late to the gate with this review but I have been working on so many things that I forgot about these little guys! Sometimes makeup can be forgotten about in the dark depths of the "things-to-review" drawer...but one day they will be discovered again, lol! Anyways, today I'm going to do a quick review on the Milani Constellation Gel Liners ($5.99)!

These Fall Limited Edition liners came out back in mid September with three cosmic shades; Black Opal, Lapis, and Emerald. The sparkling wonder of the overspray top literally had many eyes wanting this gorgeous starry night liner. But, as we all know that can't transfer onto our eyes as it sits, but underneath still holds three beautiful shades.

The over all texture is super creamy and truly wonderful. But the pigmentation isn't what we would expect in a one-swipe liner. You have to build up this liner to get a nice opaque line. I actually don't recommend to use this as liner because its too soft and can transfer onto your lids. But it works beautifully as a cream base for smokey looks, without the worry of creasing. 

The packaging is pretty but not the greatest for a gel liner. The plastic lid doesn't have anything to really seal it air tight, which might make your liner dry out if you don't tighten that lid right!

Over all I'm giving this a 7 out of 10. I really like the shades and think they are gorgeous, but I wouldn't use them as a liner. They make an amazing bases and are so easily applied I don't have to tug my eyes at all! I will definitely be using them this winter for my vampy eye looks!

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