Saturday, October 25, 2014

ColourPop | Lippie Stick & Pencil

I seriously can't get over how amazing these lip products are. ColourPop just came out with a "Lippie" line, and I can't be any more in love with them! Something else to feed my #lipstickhoarder problems!

ColourPop's lip line consists of a Lippie Stick and Lippie Pencil. The Sticks come in three different finishes; glossy, satin, and matte. Out of the three finishes, I've seen my friends on youtube really gravitate towards the satin and matte finish. As I swatched each shade below, I was blown away by how pigmented and creamy they all were. None of them came out patchy or inconstant. I can't speak for the other ones since I haven't seen them in person, but out of all the ones I've seen on youtube I'm sure they all have the same pigmentation. 

The packaging is pretty cute and makes me feel like I went shopping for school supplies, like when you got to go buy new markers and pencils. I hope I'm not the only one who got excited about that lol! They are so easy to apply from the twist up tube, the smaller tip makes application smooth and quick. I'm not very fond of liners that need to be sharpened, just because I don't carry a sharpener around in my purse, but I can totally forgive that because of how creamy and easy they glide onto the lips. 

This was such a wonderful first impression, and I will definitely be purchasing the rest of the satin and matte shades later. Gets yours quick, and check out Creature for a gorgeous fall color!

PS- This is not sponsored, they kindly sent me a few to review and the rest I purchased on my own. I believe in their products and am so happy to share them with you all!


  1. Wow these look soo good. I recently discovered color pop. But I have not have the chance to try them yet. I'm waiting for them to ship internationally.

    Great first impressions video :)

    1. Its a bummer when smaller companies haven't made it available to ship internationally, But I know they are working on it!


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