Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lorac | Pro Palette 1 + 2 | Comparison and Review

Todays video is going to be a review and side by side comparison of the Lorac Pro palette ($42 | 16 shadows) , and the Pro palette 2. Originally before I owned either of these palettes I was skeptical of how small the shadows were in the palette. I had swatched them and saw first hand how rich the color saturation was, but still felt guilty for buying a palette for such a heavy price to only get a few grams of product. But as a beauty eventually cave in.

After using my Pro Palette original or "#1" I automatically fell in love. This prompted the purchase of the #2 palette when it came out. Here you can see a mini review on each palette while also seeing a side by side comparison of their differences. 

What the review to see why these palettes are in my opinion, a must have in your collection! Hope you enjoy!

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