Monday, September 8, 2014

L.A. Girl | Glide Gel Liner

Following last weeks review on the L.A. Girl Lip Paints, I am excited to share their Glide Gel EyeLiners ($5) this week! When I first got these in the mail I thought "Oh great, these are going to be so cheap and waxy." Because lets face it, most inexpensive liners are 99% wax and 1% pigment. But despite my hesitation, these Gel Liners are a wonderful surprise!

First lets talk about the packaging. They are a easy to use pencil application with the ability to sharpen and come with 0.04oz in 19 beautiful shades. I personally like pencil and pen applicators because they are easy to travel with and don't require a brush so I feel like less product is wasted. 

The formula of these gel liners is mind blowing, they are super-duper creamy! They literally go on like butter. The first one I swatched was the blue shade and I couldn't believe how easy it came off on my skin, the vibrancy and pigmentation is shown in just one swipe. Once on your eyes they display a great lasting ability, even when I swatch them and rub my fingers over them repeatedly they stay in place without budging! The lasting ability is pretty powerful and I didn't once feel like I needed to reapply. Could they get any better? These little guys are a 10 out of 10 for me!


L.A. Girl has really impressed me with what I've tried from them so far. Whether your a makeup beginner, or a makeup hoarder, these Gel Liners are a must have in your collection! I think I need them all...haha! #makeuphoarder

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