Monday, August 25, 2014


I finally indulged in a tantalizing Lush Haul! Now that I have a bath tub I can actually use the famed bath bombs! I got a few fun things from Lush that I talk about in my haul. I wanted to share these adorable treats because so many asked about it in my Instagram post. I'm going to leave it to my video to share with you my shopping experience and haul, while below is a description paraphrasing from the website what I got.

Avobath Bomb $6.35 | This lemongrass scented bomb fizzes you into a better mood. The shimmering green water bathes you in fresh avocado and olive oil to soften you up and leave you with soft supple skin that shines a bit brighter. This was my very first bath bomb, and I've got to say that after work last night I really needed it. I feel like its a great introduction to a relaxing bath experience and really energized and refreshed my skin and senses. Sometimes you need a pick me up, and this was right up my ally!

Dragons Egg Ballistic Bath Bomb $6.25 | A sherbet citrus scent of lemon and bergamot. This bath bomb fizzes, pops, curls, and ends with a glitter explosion! The lemon helps to uplift you while it also tones and refreshes the skin.

The Brightside Bubble Bar $10.95 | This beautiful sunset of orange and yellow is almost to pretty to use! When you put it under your faucet it instantly creates a hypnotizing swirl. Citrus oil brighten and tone the skin while under a sea of bubbles.

Buffy 3.3oz $11.95 (& Tin $3.95)  | This tough body bar exfoliates your skin with ground rice, almonds, and beans to slough away dry skin. What I love about this bar is that I use this at the end of my shower and when your done simply rinse off the exfoliating bits. Your skin is left seriously moisturized with cocoa and shea butter. I love this bar!

Ocean Salt 120gr. $21.95 | This sea salt concoction scrubs away dirt and dead skin while fresh avocado and coconut oil hydrates and conditions. It also features lime and vodka to tackle black heads and blemishes to leave the skin visibly brighter. Plus it smells like a margarita!

No Drought 4.6oz $13.95 | This dry shampoo is a powder that you shake into your hair. Using corn flower as an absorbent of excess oils this shampoo blends into your hair and completely disappears...along with the oil. It also releases the fresh scent of grapefruit, lime, and lemon to give your hair a fruity fresh smell.  

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