Monday, August 4, 2014

Frankie Rose Cosmetics | Matte Foundation

I'm very picky with what I put on my face, as well as what I use in my makeup kit for clients. Foundation has the power to beautifully blend skin to a glowing perfection...or take all your fine lines and dark spots and use them against you. When I tried Frankie Rose Matte Perfecting Foundation ($32) I was instantly interested when I saw the sleek MAC-like packaging. We all know I'm a sucker for a pretty presentation! The bottle is a frosted glass which is very durable and comes with a matte black pump and holds 1fl oz. I love when my foundation comes with a pump, keeps the product waste at a minimum and makes the application very easy.

Wearing a mix of 103 + 106
As I used the foundation on my own skin, which is naturally combination to very oily in the T-zone, I came to find that this foundation is quite a balanced finish. Its a liquid formula that is very creamy and easily blended with your fingers or brush. To explain the consistency of the foundation I would explain it like this; the product is very satin and hydrating as you blend it into your skin as it creates a thin layer that dries to a matte finish. I would say the coverage is a medium to a buildable (you can layer this foundation over itself to build up coverage) full coverage. I was able to meet Sarah the creator and owner of Frankie Rose and I asked her about this foundation because I tend to break out with certain face products and she said that she did as well and actually formulated the foundation to be great for acne prone skin. Such a comfort to us sensitive skin people. As it wears the product stay well on your skin and keeps its cloaking ability for a long wearing coverage. The shades come in 9 levels which the company generously can help you find your exact match. Simply send them an email with the shade that you think will match you and they will send you a sample of that shade as well as the lighter and darker shade next to it so you can find your match!

I'm so happy to have basically run into this foundation by chance and been able to see its gorgeous results! This is on my must have list and I use it from everyday to my beautiful brides! You can get your own Matte Perfecting Foundation online at!

China Silk f101 | Cappuccino f106 | Carmel f107 | Medium Deep 7108 | Coco Beauty f109

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