Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Milani Gel Eyeshadows | SWATCHES

Milani just launched their new line of shadows called the Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow ($3.99). The line is available in 30 shades and 3 finishes; satin matte, shimmer, and iridescent metallic! Contrary to what the name suggests, these shadows feel like an ordinary powder shadow. It doesn't have a squishy texture or a gel/cream consistency. I think the little dip in the middle of the shadow led buyers to believe it was squishy gel-like texture. Haha, we are suckers. Let's get into the shades and then I'll conclude with my thoughts on these new gel shadows.

Diamond- shimmering white | Chiffon- shimmering off white | Rose- shimmer light pink

Mandarin-light orange satin matte | Fuchsia- fuchsia pink satin matte

Cobolt- cobolt blue satin matte | Navy- navy blue satin matte | Purple- rich purple satin matte

Taupe- taupe brown satin matte | Espresso- dark brown satin matte | Gray- light gray satin matte | Black- deep black satin matte

Sky- shimmering light blue | Violet- shimmering violet purple | Pink- shimmering pink | Khaki- shimmering dark brown | Emerald- shimmering emerald green

Gold- gold metallic sheen | Copper- copper metallic sheen | Bronze- bronze metallic sheen

Silver- silver metallic sheen | Teal- teal metallic sheen | Rouge- red metallic sheen

Sand- shimmering beige | Champagne- shimmering champagne pink | Charcoal- shimmering dark charcoal

White- bright white satin matte | Ivory- ivory satin matte | Cappuccino- light red brown satin matte | Caffe- light brown satin matte

After swatching and using the shadows a bit I got to see the pigmentation of each shadow. I am really impressed by how saturated they are, and extreamly happy with how easily they blend. When you glide  your finger across the shadow they get really creamy and pick up a ton of color! Not each shadow is equally pigmented though because of the different finishes. Since they offer multiple finishes it give you a well rounded palette for almost any eye look. I really enjoy how great the dark shadows look, that can be a hard one to keep saturated but the work fairly well. Each swatch was done on my bare skin, so imagine what a primer or mixer would do to these shadows! You can mix this to make it wet with products like MAC Fix+ to give the metallics an amazing wet look!

I'm really happy to say that Milani hit this one out of the park! Drugstore shadows aren't known to be the best quality, but these new Gel Shadows will quickly give drugstore shadows a better name. I wouldn't say they are in leage with shadows like Urban Decay, but they are they only drugstore shadows I've honestly ever liked.

Let me know if you've tried them and which colors you love or want to purchase!


  1. I have barely scratched the surface with these but I love love love the white. It's the best white shadow I have tried.

  2. I think you have a great blog website here. I was wondering if it would be possible to add the option to "pin" a post on pintrest so we could keep it for reference later and share with our friends?


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