Friday, July 4, 2014


June has come and gone, leaving me with fun favorites and good vibes. I would have to say that I had quite a few great favorites that brighten up my smile each week. 

On a personal note, this month I tried out for a chair in the salon! When entering the styling world it's important to get your education furthered by assisting someone who already has am established clientele and can teach you how to run your chair. I've been able to assist for a year and some months back in Alabma, and now almost a year here in California. My boss Rita is a powerhouse stylist that loves her job and has such a great clientele. They have taught me a great deal of new techniques and brought out the California stylist in me. I'm very thankful to work with an empowering boss that constantly helps me to better my technique! I'm so happy to be starting my own clientele soon and can't wait to share that experience with you all!

Now go and enjoy my favorites, I hope you like them as much as I did! 

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