Monday, July 14, 2014


Apparently I've become spontaneous with my color. The video will basically tell you the story to why I am now styled with a gorgeous shade of ash blonde! I hope to keep you updated with how and why I do my color, and what I do to keep my hair healthy! Not everyones texture can stand the damage that color can create, so please keep in mind your stylists opinions and always do a test strand before trying anything new on your hair!

If you're wondering what color I had on my hair while it was purple and blue ombre, I use Scruples Urban Shock temporary color. With the shades violet and pink for the top, blue and green for the ends, I mix them together and dilute with a conditioner. The exact mix is a secret ;) Then I did my soap cap mixing equal parts of: water, lightner (Redken), 20 volume proxide, and shampoo. Allowed it to sit a few minutes to take out the temporary color, the process for permanent color will be different. Then I toned towel dry hair with Redken Shades EQ 9N, 9V, 9T, and Clear (the exact mix is a different process for each individual depending on existing tone of hair.) Then I ended up with this gorgeous ashy blonde!
I hope my mermaids enjoy this new summer color!!!

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