Thursday, July 3, 2014

Benefit They're Real Push-up Gel Liner Review

Benefit just came out with their new liner called the They're Real Push-up Liner $24 (0.04oz). This liner is completely different then any other application due to the gel liner Accuflex tip. Its a gel product that lines your eyes with a matte black smudge-proof line. It claims to hug the lashes and create a fool-proof winged eye because of the tip.

To describe the pen, its a click up pen that pushes the product up and the gel comes out of the rubber angled tip. The rubber tip is super flexible and designed to rest along your lash line and bend with the line of your eye. The gel itself is a quick drying product and claims to only need two clicks to line your entire eye.

So...let me tell you why I DON'T like this product. I hate to hate on things, but this has been blasted all over the internet and hyped up so much I want you to understand my feelings of why this is a don't buy product for me. First of all the tip itself is open to the air and even though it has a screw top lid the gel from your last application will be dried up inside and needs to be discarded each time.  If you want to avoid that you have to save the little orange tip plugger, aint nobody got time for that ;). Because the product only comes with 0.04oz, think how fast you'll go though it. 
The tip doesn't create a fluid precise line that looks good, the edges are dragged into an uneven texture. The line I made on my eyes was very patchy and because the product is quick drying I feel like it dried up before I could even finish cleaning up my line. When I tried to go back and smooth out the liner it just made my line bigger and bigger, we all know thats not what you want to do. Then I was adding product on top and made it flake later on in the day. Because its "waterproof" or smudge-proof its hard to go back and clean up your line, you need to use a oil cleanser or their new cleanser which removes all your other makeup.

In summary, I'm very disappointed that this liner isn't what I thought it would be. I had such high hopes, and I think its a great idea but falls short on application. I'm very good at getting a straight line when I line my eyes. That wasn't the issue. With a wing, I want it to be super sharp looking.  The They're Real Push-up Liner is not what I expected it to be. Unfortunatly I will be returning it to Ulta today, which thankfully takes back unsatisfactory products.

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