Wednesday, July 16, 2014

☆Beachy Hair │ DEEP WAVER☆

Girls that have naturally wavy hair are so lucky aren't they? I have always envied the ones who have texture and can wash their hair, throw a few products in, and it look really cute. So because we all don't have the natural beach waves, this tutorial will show you how to achieve that look!

This whole style is based off the Hot Tools Deep Waver. It is an amazing giant crimping tool that has been modified to give you the best "artificial" waves for an effortless effect. Not even a wand can do this natural looking of a wave. It also creates great volume and lasted 4 days without restyling in my hair! That's a long freaking time! Haha, don't worry I used dry shampoo.

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and have fun tousling your beachy hair!

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