Friday, June 13, 2014


"Makeup can hide a multitude of sins."

Upon returning from vacation I decided that I wanted to get my skin care on track and healthy. I've dealt with acne and uneven texture creating a uncomfortable feeling with my skin. Right as I got back from Kauai I booked a facial and got my first microdermabrasion treatment followed by contacting Murad to try out their skin care line that is highly praised and created by dermatologists. 
I had hear and seen Murad in stores like Sephora but have never tried their brand. When my friend recommended Murad I contacted the company who sent me an extremely generous care package filled with everything needed to work on my skin. 
This video is the introduction to what I got and am using, which will be part of a series of a skin care routine and trial. I will be uploading a second video after my next facial appointment and talk to you about what that experience is like and how its been affecting my skin. Here is the list of products I got.

Acne is a ongoing battle that I've yet to win...but I'm hoping that the specialist can show me how to combat this and what products to use so I can share that information to all of you!

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